Loot Suggestions?

  • Making loot earlier today, I realize I am running out of ideas, so if anyone has any thoughts I am looking for suggestions. Anything from one of a kind items to stuff that is fairly common are appreciated.

  • Robes of steel.

    Robes who feel light as a breeze but are hard as steel. Protection equivalent of a plate armor!

    Only usable by: Cleric, fighter, paladin.

    Cloth, +8 ac enhancement
    10% bludgeoning vulnerability
    10% piecing vulnerability
    (Note: Only usable by someone who would normally (and already is) wear plate (since i am assuming you will be giving these out through dm events, you can enforce this pretty easily or put a note in items description that you will delete the char of a monk/fighter or dex based char who abuses this))

  • Hat-helmet Buster
    Destroys both helmet and hat if they are being worn at the same time.

    Arsonist's Bag of Holding
    Use on Alchemist Fire Barrels to reduce their weight by 100%

    Moles of Moleling
    Bullets, on hit summons a mole that attacks the target. Made with 80% Organic Urdlen gnome moles, 100% of the time.

    Pocket Posse in a Can
    Teleports your party to your location. Non-lawful, evil only.

    Caru's Cane of Counterperversions
    Does 404 positive damage if male target is wearing female-only clothing.

  • Item Name: The Cursed Sword of Jimmy Highwater

    Item Description: Jimmy was a feared pirate on the seas! Too bad it didn't last long… War Wizards fireballed his ship to the bottom of the ocean. Barely surviving that encounter, Jimmy's paranoia of War Wizards became so great he spent his fortune on a new greatsword that would protect him from those dastardly spell weavers! It's said that those unlucky enough to wield his sword become just as paranoid of Wizards and extremely paranoid of War Wizards.

    Item type: Greatsword
    Properties: 16 Spell Resistance

    Item Name: The Cloak of Many Faces

    Item Description: Cindy The Waitress, Mark the Fisherman, Lisa the Street Walker and Old Sammy the Bartender all have something in common… They were the same person. His or Her's name was always unknown... But their information gathering skills were invaluable. This person could blend among any crowd, had a silver tongue and the charm to work anyone over. So what was the secret of his or hers success? Some whisper of a cloak that made all of this possible... But we may never know....

    Item Type: Cloak
    Properties: +2 Charisma
    ((Equipping the cloak allows you to change your gender))

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