Another PnP Attempt

  • I had a campaign mostly fleshed out and is still unused. I was trying very hard to get certain players, but scheduling was simply impossible. Then I got busy and other things caught my attention.

    So I'm going to try again! I'm interested in playing a campaign around 12 Noon EST on Saturdays. Time can be nudged a bit once I establish a group, but it's simply not possible to make huge changes to accommodate all the players. We're all adults with families and jobs, so if you came make it, great.

    -5th edition.
    -A homebrew campaign setting.
    -Starting at level 1.
    -Humans or half-orcs vastly preferred at the start.
    -Setting is a cold frontier similar to the Silver Marches.
    -Expect D&D tropes, but a perspective of discovery, mysterious monsters and races, and disputed legends, histories and mythologies.

    Likely going to be played using either Tabletop Simulator or

  • It's late Saturday night for me but color me interested if you get a group together. I've little experience with Roll20 and a bit with tabletop simulator but still wouldn't mind getting my PnP fix 🙂

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