Ambassador Enzo Miles, Touched by Tyche

  • I didn't expect to come back to CoA for some time, let alone with such a wildly adventurous character. I'll fondly remember my time playing Enzo. But now it's time for screenshots! As always, Right Click -> View Image for larger size.

    Ninja Edit: Enzo came back! Round two will happen later.

    Conquistador's kinda scary, guys.

    Confronting The Last Stand, the pinnacle of madness and magic.

    Fighting the MURMAIDER, Avatar of Dagon, Lord of the Abyssal Sea.

    Hijacking an airship while there's still one left in Faerun unblemished by Olouth.

    Ostheim and I having a giggle.

    The curse beneath Thrivaldi.

    Who knew I'd see the King again just a month later?

    You know, when I said I wanted to get into leatherworking, I didn't realize fishing was involved…

    Enzo stood up for the little guys, always.

    Hello, I'd like to collect my room key at Lady Lhal's Hilton.

    And now, the loot.

    Hm, all right, Spiffy, you have my attention-

    WHAT THE HELL, SPIFFY. (Caveat - I was forbidden from using my cloak slot while wearing this, both for swag and balance).

    Dem runes doe. (Bonus funny tells with golw).

    Socketing of the ages.

    Probably my favorite piece. Powerful, but topical.

  • How did I miss you rocking the server CG style! That is the stuff that would have brought me back to playing!

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