• Since the mention of werefox was in the ask the DM's I will add what I know to this post here (I do not believe there are any werefoxes/foxwomen in arabel currently, nor have there been any ever in the past, I was told it was not supported, and could only be supported by a lot of hard work)

    I had in the past applied for this on numerous occasions, no doubt causing the DM's eyes to roll, and was quickly denied (though I was usually not informed of the rejection till I asked, normally over a month later, my optimism was such that instead of asking I would live on the hope that no response meant it was being considered and fierce debate was consuming the DM's, even though I knew it was rejected within my mind)
    Not to worry DM's, you will not be getting any such applications from me now (it was i see now extremely silly of me to even ask)

    "Werefoxes" are always chaotic evil in alignment and are able to assume the form of an elven woman, a silver fox, or a vixen which is a mix between fox and elf. Whereas other lycanthropes can be born, male or female, all werefoxes are infected females; thus, they are often called foxwomen.

    Werefox lycanthropy only affects female elves, half-elves or humans and is only transmitted by the vixen's bite. Once infected, a high-level cleric is needed to cure the condition, otherwise the victim turns irreversibly into a werefox, within three days. Beyond that, a slow transformation takes place, changing the victims' humanoid form to match that of an elven woman. Within a year or two werefoxes bear nearly no resemblance to their former self. Unlike other infected lycanthropes, a werefox's personality is affected even in its humanoid form, turning it chaotic evil sooner or later.

    In humanoid form, foxwomen have a silver streak or outright lustrous silver hair sporting a widow's peak, and are charmingly attractive to humanoid males. If forced to fight in human form, they resort to low-level spells and typically elven weapons, but they avoid conflict with use of their charm and cunning. It is unusual that for infected lycanthropes, werefoxes are able to change shape at will, despite the lack of a full moon, and they retain control of their actions in animal and hybrid form.

    In silver fox form, they are extremely swift, and can pass without trace and are nearly invisible in the undergrowth. If they are forced to fight in this form they may use their claws and try to trip their enemies. In hybrid form, known as vixen, werefoxes use their infectious bite, but are still capable of using weapons and spells.

    Often dwelling in secluded woodlands, foxwomen are usually accompanied by some charmed servants and companions. They are rarely seen with other werefoxes, preferring to act alone concerning their own kind. A foxwoman's only purpose seems to be pampering herself and feeding her own vanity, though they sometimes seem driven to raise a "daughter." Being barren, werefoxes can only procreate by infecting a child, usually stealing it, and raise it as their own.

  • found this on the internet

    Sample Adult Werefox
    Small-Medium sized Shapechanger
    (Base: elven aristocrat/sorcerer level 4/4)
    Hit Dice: 4d8+4d4 (28hp)
    Initiative: +4(Dex)
    Speed: 30ft(Elf) / 45ft(Vixen) / 60ft(Fox)
    AC: 14(+4Dex)(Elf) / 16(same but +2Nat)(Vixen) / 18(same but +1Size+ 3Nat)(Fox)
    Attacks: Weapon+5(Elf)/Weapon+5 or Bite+9(Vixen)/Bite+9(Fox)
    Damage: 1d8 Longsword(Elf)/ 1d8 Longsword or 2d6 Bite(Vixen)/ Bite 1d4-2(Fox)
    Face/Reach: 5 ft. by 5 ft./5 ft.
    Special Attacks: Bewitching Beauty, Curse of Lycanthrophy, Spells
    Special Qualities: Alternate Form, Lycanthropic Empathy, Minor Regeneration, Damage Reduction 10/Silver, Pass without trace, Immunity to sleep
    Saves: Fort+4, Ref+6, Will+10(+12vs.charms)
    Abilities: Str10(6 in foxform), Dex19,Con10, Int15, Wis11, Cha19
    Skills: Bluff+11, Diplomacy+11, Performance+11, Disguise +11, Wilderness Lore+7, Innuendo +7, Spellcraft+3, Concentration+7,Spot+6, Listen+6,Search+6
    As Fox or Vixen:Listen +13, Spot +13, Hide +8(16)
    Feats: Weapon finesse(Bite), Iron will, Improved Control Shape
    Climate/ Terrain: Any
    Organisation: Solitary (but see below)
    Challenge Rating: 8
    Treasure: Standard, Double goods
    Alignment: Always Chaotic Evil
    Advancement: By class

    Bewitching Beauty(Su): If onlookers wisdom is 14 or lower make a Will save (DC18). If the Werefox tries to entice someone in special, make Will save against an suitable skill. If the save fails, be charmed as long as the Werefox is around and up to five hours afterwards.

    Curse of Lycanthrophy(Su): (See below)
    Alternate Form(Su): (See below)
    Lycanthropic Empathy(Ex): (See below)
    Damage Reduction(Ex): 10/Silver (In all forms)
    Minor Regeneration(Su): (See below)
    Pass without a Trace(Su): (See below)

    Spells/Day: 6/5/3,Spells Know(6/3/1),DC=16+Spellevel
    0th Level: Dancing lights, Mage Hand, Detect Poison, Open/Close, Read magic, Resistance
    1st Level: Charm Person, Unseen Servant, Sleep
    2nd Level: Blur

    This sample monster tries to resemble the Werefox as it was presented in the Monstrous Manual II. As such it should (but needn't) be accompanied by 1d4+1 charmed persons which are chosen by comeliness rather then competence. One or two of them should have 1d4+1 Levels in player character classes. Most likely they'll have rogue or fighter-like classes since they usually lack a high willpower. There's a small chance(10%) that one of the charmed Persons is a Spellcaster of level 1d4. The rest will be low-level characters with NPC-classes.
    Also there was a 10% chance that the Werefox has stolen or adopted a human or elven girl and is raising it as it's own. Choose the age of the child or roll or roll at random(1d20+55 elven years). If she's old enough not to count as an non-combatant(70) use the following sample creature:

  • Reference so Darlene doesn't seem odd. 🙂


  • Admin [DM]

    We have no plans of making werefoxes atm, if we do we will likely write up our own idea 🙂 When we decide if we will offer this as a subrace we will announce it

  • Yes, but it was thoughtful of Darlene to provide this foundational information.

  • Admin [DM]

    The links are very interesting! Mostly we focus on the animal aspect of a lycan, so if you wish to do some more suggestions Darlene I recommend looking into the behaviour of foxes 🙂

  • Fortepedia appreciates Darlene's information. The werefox itself is an interesting creature, represented in many forms among western and eastern media.

    Here we know it as the werefox, but in Asian mythology (especially Korean and Japanese), it's known as gumiho and kitsune respectively. Depending on the legend/region it's based on, it's either a malevolent creature (akin to how D&D describes werefox), a fox spirit that's a trickster (Japanese mythology) or a benevolent creature who just wants to be human, loved or any other non-evil reason (a good example is looking at how Riot's lore for Ahri in League of Legends is done).

  • A werefox would be neat for a little Puffy metaplot or something 🙂

  • Admin [DM]


    A werefox would be neat for a little Puffy metaplot or something 🙂

  • Not like she didn't spoiler wink wink

  • I am rather a expert on fox behavior (red fox),I am obsessed with foxes and love them and eat up any information i can on them, as there are a lot of references on them. I have several books written on the subject, one written about foxes in England and another on foxes in western canada. check my avatar, as it is a drawing of a Royal Dux art deco fox (which is in my collection of fox ornaments and plush foxes, which include the bratz foxes)

    They are a very cat like predator, they are not overly aggressive, unless you are mouse sized. Foxes vary based on the individual, and are solitary hunters (a pack is not needed to take on a single mouse, or someones garden, they are omnivorous, eating whatever they can, there are some Foxes in London that the English author of the book i have, that eat mainly earth worms, they are opportunistic). Foxes in the wild can be very shy or quite bold, it depends upon the individual animal.

    I know of a fox(vixen) that follows a town worker in a western canadian town as she knows he will not bother her, and she also knows when this person does water readings it is a indication of whether the dogs are inside or outside in the yards in question, she steals dog or cat food when it is left out and untended.

    they also have a leash law in this town, one lady complained to the worker, that how come she had to obet the leash law and he did not..as his dog followed him all over town unleashed, he was quick to inform the lady that, the animal was not his pet or a dog, but a fox (as far as i know this vixen still does this, or perhaps one of her offspring)

    The werefox or foxlady according to lore is well documented in this thread, they are a vain creature seeking luxury and self preservation (shunning other lycans as savage beasts). the interpretation of such a creature in Arabel would have to be dictated by the DM's and not by the players, it would be exciting to even catch a passing glimpse of one server, but it would be way too much work for the DMs to make one let alone allow a player to have one

    there are of course several stellar players who could easily pull of this type of character off(they and the DMs know who they are, and i am in awe of them of course), it would be quite a treat to find someone who actually was able to jump the hurtle of application and creation in game and wander around with such a rare and elusive creature

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