Steam Summer Sale: Your Picks

  • Let's just be straight and to the point, while the summer sale's going on there's gonna be some really cheap and great games. Below, just make a small summary and link to the game.

    No real information needed, all titles are solid and the 13 trilogy runs well after bugfixes and patches.

    A remake of the third Ys title, Wanderers from Ys, Oath is an isometric action RPG that is a ground up remake of Ys 3 and has expanded content, plot and a variety of gameplay, while at the core it remains a platformer.

    Crusader Kings 2, aka Eugenics Simulator, Incest Simulator (If playing as Zoroastrian...) and many other names. A grand strategy title that will take hours, even days to complete a game and months to master.

    Total War: SHOGUN 2. The alltime best Total War game and my personal favorite in the series. Feudal Japan + Total War gameplay, what's to hate? With two expansions that explore the start of the samurai ruling class, and the fall of it during the Meiji Restoration.

    Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Father 20th Anniversary. A remake of a beloved classic from the 90's, a supernatural murder mystery themed game.

  • Shark's Recommendations:

    ToME. Oh god do I love ToME. I've spent around 300 hours in it, and still spending more. A roguelike with less focus on randomness and more on tactical combat. Game has tons of customizations, tons of different ways to play, plenty of mods, lore everywhere, and is insanely difficult. Cannot recommend this game enough. Free version on their site, which is pretty much the base game (no dlc) but well worth it for the discount package price.

    La-Mulana: Difficult but fun metroidvania with lots of puzzles. A fantastic little game, albeit a bit unintuitive, that's just a blast. It's essentially Indiana Jones the game. There's a sequel in the works too!

    Shadowrun series! Awesome tactical RPG. Storywise it's like Deus Ex with magic. For those who like these kinds of games, you'll love this. If you don't like these types, probably wouldn't get it.

    Mount & Blade: Warband - Midieval times simulator. Raise an army, do whatever you want. Become king, robin hood, or just the richest man (or woman) alive.

    A game everybirdie needs. What seems at first like a complete joke, the game is actually pretty deep, and the unlocked ending after clearing all the routes is surprisingly dark. Also, you date birds.

    If you wanna know more about these games or want more recommendations hit me up!

  • MGSV: The Phantom Pain
    It's a Hideo Kojima game.

    The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
    Fun little way to kill time, I don't think I've had similar playthrough ever with it.

  • Nighogg !!!!

    One of the best two player battle games I've ever had the luxury of playing. Swords, friends, and much pointing and shouting results.


    This game, is just amazingly good. You need some buddies, in the actual same room as you to truly enjoy it, but that;s what makes it so amazing, you need to actually get people over and play. It's truly great, and is set up to essentially automatically balance the game so that one person doesn't just rofflestomp everyone, not perfectly, but it's nice. Check it out, seriously.

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