Quick Thing about the FD's

  • I was at work, got home, took a shower and logged in. I received a telling saying ".history." Upon typing the command, I saw a sending saying that someone in my group had been captured and was going to be killed in order to kill another member. I rushed to the area and found my group facing off with the other group. I quickly started killing the good aligned gank party (this is the fourth or fifth attempt by team law or good to capture or kill me and my party since creation under two weeks ago).

    Shortly after I found out that it was actually a trap laid by my own guys, and that MY TEAM was the attacking party. I have FD'd a lot of PC's and have been FD'd by many more. I have no issue with FDing, because I believe I have a grasp of when it is appropriate to do. Now that I have all of the facts, I do not think FD was appropriate, and I lobbied with the DM's to give DM raises, and left the bodies and all but key plot items in tact (since nothing happened that should have been retconned besides the FDing). So, apologies to the two players.

    _That out of the way, I do want to bring up the discussion once again of poor sportsmanship and that FDing is a good thing. Why is it okay for players to lose XP to a bug, or a bullshit spawn, or random crit on an easy quest, and chalk it up to "bad luck", "it's just a game", "stop crying". But when a player attacks another player (not the case here, this is hypothetical but similar), and is FD'd in response, people cry foul? I've played a LOT of outlaws. I have been ganked A LOT, and I have ganked a lot too. When I feel a player has attacked me in an attempt to capture and/or FD me, I respond with an FD of my own, as a rule of thumb. I've broken that rule if something cool comes to mind. But to completely ignore In Game Actions for the sake of being OOCly merciful creates a vacuum of carebearism that ultimately hurts us all.

    Actions have consequences. There is nothing wrong with that._

  • A well worded post.

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    A well worded post.

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    A well worded post.

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    A well worded post.

  • I believe the feeling in witch we wish to word to you is….. A Well Worded Post, My Good Man!

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