Windows 10 issue

  • So my computer updated my windows and ever since I havnt been able to find my local disc C.

    I need to switch my cd keys, so any help on how to find it would be appreciated.

  • There are ways to change CD keys, but we're not allowed to openly speak of them. I am pretty sure you need the same CD key if you wish to use the same account with CoA. The server matches login, password, and key.

  • Admin [DM]

    Just let us know when you have changed CD keys and you have issues, we can easily fix it as long as it is not the "same CD key" issue.

  • You can't find C: ?

    It's where windows is installed to be default, so I'm betting it exists.

    Open any explorer window and you should be able to find it. Then again, never actually used win 10, but it seems pretty insane to hide the default drive.

  • I found it, layouts and names got changed on Windows 10. Got a new set of CD Keys, now im just figuring out what new character to make.

    Thanks for the help/suggestions everyone.

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