Who is Ishmael Kun?

  • Argus enters the library and asks the librarian if there are any books about well-known martyrs and saints of the Ilmateri faith. In particular he looks for any mention of a man - or woman - by the name of Ishmael Kun.

    If directed to speak with Mother Arna at the Congress of Faiths, he thanks the librarian and does so immediately.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    A librarian explains he is a little known saint. Whose silent opposition to evil resulted in his execution, yet, so devout was his faith that it said that his headless body rose up, glowing with ephemeral light to stand in the path of a tyrant. So terrified was the lord, that he fled, and became a hermit in the woods. His sacrifice saved hundreds of lives who were sentenced to be executed that day.

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