Reclaiming the Moonsea Ride

  • Once Arabel was known as the 'City of Caravans', a place of limitless potential and economic prosperity. This history is not forgotten in Suzail and many long for the old days; hope for a time when trade and coin flowed freely and there was opportunity for anyone to make an honest living, when the city had access to exotic goods from across Faerun and when tensions between nations were made easier by coin flowing across borders.

    There is potential, there is opportunity. For every person of every faith and vocation to become more than they are at this moment. Reopening trade routes, forging a path through the darkness and steeling it against the enemies of Arabel and Cormyr means riches and glory for the city and the individual, if you seek either or wish to do just and good works, I would speak to you immediately.

    With the guidance and responsibility entrusted to me by the Divine Right, Siamorphe I am setting out to do my part to make Arabel great again: let us claim what is due to us by the sweat of our brow; send word to Dame Aliri Danmukmul at the Fine Hells Inn and let us restore the luster of Cormyr's jewel.

  • The former village of the East Way has been sanctified, it's dead laid to rest and its land brought back into balance. Through a combined effort under Siamorphe's banner, Helm's Shield and Angharradh's warmth, the first leg of the Moonsea Ride opens. With your continued support and effort, we will see the jewel of Cormyr's Crown return to its rightful luster.

    There is much yet to do, but if you seek to improve the city and yourself, you will find others who feel as you do. I would like to personally thank Sir Francis, Druidess Sinnomine and the group of adventurers who joined us on the day to ward the East Way and those who've come before them and were unable to go the entire way. We have called and the gods have answered us, let this step on the road to a successful and prosperous Cormyr be seen by all and known for the act of significance it is.

    Where others have failed, Siamorphe has guided us to victory. Helm has protected the way forward and the Triad Queen has renewed the undeath to sanctity.

    Stand proudly, the gods still hear us.

    We are not forsaken.

    Dame Aliri Danmukmul

  • The Work Continues!

    We have set our hand to cleansing the Tilverscar of the darkness that lingers. To open the way to the Dales for trade and travel, a coordinated ritual will be conducted in the next two days, with the holy blessings of Siamorphe and the unquestionable power of nature and the Triad Queen, we will see balance and prosperity brought back to the land. We ask that you join us in turning back this horrible blight and bending Shar's taint upon itself.

    Dame Aliri Danmukmul
    Scion of Siamorphe
    Order of the Purple Dragon Knights

    //This'll be an open event, anyone who wishes to join is more than welcome!
    //This should be accurate: ... =1440&ah=1

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  • [Bump. Still going ahead with this. Hope to see people there!]

  • [These fliers are plastered about usual locations and circulated into old town by young hands]

    Once more the power of the gods and nature working in concert stand triumphant before the powers of darkness. On this day, and with our hands and voices, the powers of Nobility, Sanctity and Pleasure had broken the darkness over the Tilverscar, opening the road for trade and prosperity with the Dales.

    Let them be counted who walked this road with us as saw light brought, that their names may be recognized:

    Special recognition and honors are due to the woman who's walked from step one to the end of this road. Without her, none of this would be possible, for her dedication and courage, depth of conviction and grace, the skies are clear over Tilverscar, the Banda crypt is in tatters. Give thanks and respect to the druidess, for she has earned it.
    Sinniomine - Druidess and follower of the Triad Queen
    Caelan Balfoy - Paladin of Siamorphe
    Marlin Leclair - Priestess of Sharess
    Sir Francis Galloway - of the Purple Dragon Knights
    Simion Roark - of the Thayan Embassy
    Tom - of the World

    The Moonsea ride is open now and the path before us is as clear as the sky above it.

    To that end, on behalf of the Church of Siamorphe, and the newly established House Danmukmul, I am personally offering seed money loans to the people of Old Town to prepare trading caravans with the Dales.

    These loans are low interest, can be pooled together with others and can be repaid 'when able'. You will be expected to show your books and keep accurate records. Reasonable efforts will be made to secure caravan guards and adventurers to assist in protecting your goods once a sufficient number of caravans are prepared to move.

    Mercenary/Caravan Guard Company Highly Sought After

    Lord Aliri Danmukmul
    Scion of Siamorphe
    Order of the Purple Dragon Knights

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