Thank You and Hat tip to Everyone, Including DM Team

  • I just want to say that I have NEVER seen this much push on an RP server from players and DM's alike to involve and mold every individual PC story to become relevant and part of the over-arching plots of the server, even in my older times on this server. It doesn't matter how little a character seems, I've seen players, as well as DM events, directly reverence each small character's goal, no matter how insignificant they seem, and tell them how they can achieve it or how it relates to one of the main server stories right now. It's not only IG but on the forums. There is always someone jumping in to connect the dots and make other people feel important to the game.

    Thank you all and kudos for making everyone feel like an important part of the story, like their chapter matters to you, whether as an ally, an enemy, or even just a friendly rival. It is very uplifting.

  • Thank you, but the DMs work off the players, so no need to thank us. It's the players that make the awsome

  • Maybe a little thanks is fine, but yeah, no need. We know we're awesome 😉

  • Admin [DM]

  • I just have to second this. I've been back for a grand total of like… 4 days, and I've already seen a HUGE amount of work done by the DMs. Forums, IG, OOC... it's a great feeling.

    You guys rock. 🙂

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