Shadow Entites

  • A frequent visitor of the Spire of Knowledge, Parrik Ogderlson approaches the librarian saying he has set his mind writing a book about the Dwarven Embassy. He explains his wish to devote an entire chapter to the Exodus of the Dwarves, thereby necessitating information about the Sibilant Shade. He adds however, that as in order to be able to give a full account of the current situation, he'd very much like to enlighten the reader providing some preliminary knowledge about Shadows, as he can not be solely expected to refer only to the relevant chapter contained within Raznor's book titled the Guide to the Undead

    Thanking the librarian for her patience, he asks, whether she could direct him to any other book about Shadows, particularly about curses placed by such, and if ever recorded, any binding agreements imposed by them to mortals. He kindly hints, that all these are within conjecture of his project.

  • Admin [DM]

    [The librarian appears puzzled of Parrik's question, however mentions that some years ago there was a well known shadow curse lingering in Maleen's Tower itself. Few still live to speak of the events, however perhaps if Parrik find something worthy of Joshau Aldek's attention such as an artefact, clothing of a certain winged humanoid or similar items of Aldek's interest. Then perhaps Parrik could trade them item, in turn for the lore Aldek holds]

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