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    House Winter

    House Winter was first formed after Azoun IV appointed Tessaril Winter as Lord of Eveningstar 1371. Tessaril, a former adventurer and close friend of the late Azoun IV, began her rule over Eveningstar following the Goblin Wars 1370-1371. Part of her first acts were to commence recontruction efforts thanks to the Lord's connection with the War Wizards. As Lord of Eveningstar, Tessaril was responsible for locally administering the King's justice, defending the town, and collecting taxes for the Crown. She handled these duties with even hand and efficiency, for which she was loved and respected by all Evenors. She was assisted by Tzin Tzummer the local herald before the fall of the Primordial and the local Purple Dragon contingent. After a political battle with the Eclestian Order, which resulted in an attempt to arrest the Lord for treason, Lord Winter had the Order removed from the city. The charges were subsequently dropped against the Lord, many believe this may have been due to the Lord's connection with the War Wizards.

    Tessaril Winter met her death in 1380 during a demonic assault on the city. The details of the attack are unclear, yet it is widely known that Eveningstar was attacked by fiends. Several citizens, including the noble Madam Lord Tessaril Winter were murdered by a group who called themselves Servitors of Harkull, said to have summoned the fiends which were attacking Eveningstar. Yet, with the aid of the Red Hart army and local adventurers, the demon forces and the invading cult were pushed back whilst the Mage's guild was able to seal the planar gate responsible for the demon breach. Subsequently, Lord Winter was succeeded by her young daughter, Medeah Winter, who was barely 16 at the time. The young Lord Medeah cancelled her schooling in the arcane under the War Wizard College, to return to Eveningstar and fulfil her new duty as the new Lord of Eveningstar.

    The Red Harts briefly maintained a loyal guard for the village under Lord Tessaril and also following her death. During the Red hart's brief settlement there between 1380-1381, the knightly order acted as protectors of Eveningstar defending the village against the Dragon Ilithybor, demonic creatures, cultists, undead as well as the Tychean's during the 'Arabellian Free-State' Civil War during the Autumn of 1381. The Red Harts' vigil defence of Eveningstar lasted until the Second Shadovar War when the entire Knightly Order was slain by the Shadovar Army in the Winter of 1381. After this event, the Castle of The Red Harts was abandoned and left in ruins until 1395, when a new knightly order by name The Bretheren of the Reborn Sun commandeered and renovated the keep.

    After the loss of the Red Harts, Eveningstar was finally lost after the fall of the Primordial in 1382, buried beneath hundreds of feet of snow. None survived the fall of Eveningstar, except for Lord Medeah Winter whom at the time was sheltered at the estate of Lord Malcom Hardcastle. Having lost her mother, people, estate and knightly order in barely one year, the young Lord remained within Lord Hardcastle's estate for twelve years and forged a close bond with Lord Hardcastle. Despite the snow having thawed and revealed the ruins of Eveningstar as early as 1393. Lord Medeah did not return to Eveningstar until 1394, after a young Old-Towner by the name Samir approached the Lord with a dream.

    With the aid of Samir, and several other Old Towners whom gathered materials to forge a protective ward over Eveningstar. The Angel of Old Town performed a dangerous ritual with the aid of Samir and his companions, tying Lord Winter's soul to the land of Eveningstar and thus created a magic ward protecting the ruins. However, the land was weak and Lord Winter close to dying, indeed the Lord would have perished if it had not been for the great Phoenix of Lathander which took Lord Winter to Lathander's own domain until Samir and the Old Towners could recover the legendary Staff of Ilmater. With aid from surprising sources, such as House Hardcastle, House Dracohorn, a band of halflings and even an Ambassador of Myth Drannor, Samir was able to slowly rebuild Eveningstar during Lord Winter's absence. Months of hardship followed, protecting Eveningstar from offending parties whilst searching Cassiel's Castle in the Hullack Forest for the lost artefact of Ilmater. Yet, despite the months of struggles, Samir and his companions were able to uncover the staff of Ilmater, sacrificing their souls for the final rite which saw Lord Winter reborn in the name of Lathander!

    Since the sacrifice of Samir and the other Oathburden, Eveningstar has been reborn as a beautiful green village. The people whom now call the village home themselves reborn after leaving their past lives in Old Town behind, indeed it is truly a village of Lathander himself. With the The Bretheren of the Reborn Sun protecting the land for Lord Winter, by powerful rituals in the name of Lathander and powering their strengths with Cormyrian Knightly Charters. Even Eveningstar's beloved source of oranges, has begun to sprout around the village once more.

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