Breaking Curses and geas

  • Jacaira searches through the library records for any records or documentation of curses/geas being broken. She would look for the type of curse/geas, and the method the breaking was accomplished.

  • Jacaira learns that lesser curses can be broken by many of the priests and mages that walk the realms, but more powerful ones are harder to deal with. For many of the more powerful Geas often the only (and easiest) way to discharge them is by completing the act being compelled.

    For someone truely desperate the librarian speaks of a sacred grove deep in the underdark. He tells her that it has been spoken of by several adventuring parties over the course of the years. It is said to be blessed by Ilmatar, and capable of granting reprieve to any that successfully makes the pilgrimage and finds it.

    The librarian can offer little else, though says that the tribal people of the Aunaroch, now in controlled Shadovar territory are well versed with curses and geases and speaking with one of their elders may yield her more information.

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