A Notice in the Hullack

  • Posted on a tree, using hide parchment.

    An-ee person who bringz to the Burned Circle a Retaainer or Ally of the Defieler Hardkastle will be alloowed to bring a Rekwest to the Circles and the Hullack which kan be coins or equipment or any thing in our power to give in addition to 2,500 gold.

    Our fieght is not wif the Citee or its peepole but wif the Defiler and his reetainerz who are sewing seedz of Destruction against thee land whitch is also the Citee. The Helmlandz are koming very close and soon they will come also to the Citee.

    We of Nature will outfit any perzon who comes to us and give them koin and other things the bounty of the Forest. They say we kommit treason but they also say the fight was between the Defiler and the Circles so trust no thing they say. If you say he is follower of King then you are an ideeot. If you think he is dooing good things you have not left thee citee and opened your eyez.

    If you do not beleeve us it is simple to show what we say is the truth. If you come with axe and sword to kill us you are committing sooiside. He wants to kill us because he knooz that we are rite.

    Find anyee wild walker or Oathtaker and see that these things are troo.

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