In the defence and promotion of trade

  • Good adventurers of Arabel,

    I am newly arrived to this fair city, and within my role as a retainer of Lord Hardcastle, warden of the North of Cormyr I intend to make safe the region, that its status as the jewel of Cormyr be restored.

    The Moonsea Ride is to be reopened, allowing trade to be brought in over land. There are currently two obstacles to this.. The foul crypt of Clar Banda, and the shadows over Tilverton. As such I seek warriors dedicated to cleansing such foulness to aid me in developing wards to protect the road past Tilverton, as well as wards that will contain the undead detritus within Clar Bandas tomb, to the crypt itself.

    I also seek those among you who see themselves as crafters of arcane wares, It is my intention to craft a great helm, that will allow its wearer to comprehend any language spoken or read. Such will allow our ambassadors to travel far and wide, speaking to merchants in their native tongues and bringing much into the city.

    Bards, entertainers, and hunters are required to provide for the most lavish parties the nation has ever seen, thrown in honour of the great merchants that bring wealth to our land.

    Those who wish to see this great city become greater still, seek me out.

    Retainer Vissarion Kassun, priest of the Merchants Friend

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