A Task for Hele'Aset [Guardians of Nature DM quest]

  • This is a Dm event that focuses on the Druidic circles of the Hullack. That is to say that it will feature nature p.cs, and be excluding city p.cs who actively side with Hardcastle in the divine conflict.

    SpiffyHas has kindly offered to run this for after 14:00 Eastern Standard Time or later on Friday, May 20th when he is free , but I would like to start a thread to have interest expressed for an ideal time in which the most players interested in this concept can attend.

    If you are interested in this event, post in the thread your available times.

  • I think I can make that if we do it at that time.

  • I should be able to make it. 2PM EST.

  • So thats what 7pm BST i'll try and be there.

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