Warhammer 40k: Eternal Crusade.

  • A game I thought we could pile into as a community when it's completed.

    Eternal Crusade is a third person shooter made by Behaviour Interactive. It takes place in the Warhammer 40k setting, on the planet of Arkhona. It's planned as a 4 faction planet-wide conflict with vehicles and bases to capture and defend, in a fashion very similar to Planetside 2, but with planned PVE content, such as Tyranid invasions.

    The four forces are: Space Marines, Chaos, Eldar and Orks, with distant, possible plans for Tau and Imperial Guard Stormtroopers, if at all possible.

    All forces will have their standard units as per tabletop, from Tactical Marines, to Devastators, to Assaults, so on, and so forth.

    The best players per server will be given access to hero units. While they haven't elaborated on the other factions, they have mentioned that Space Marines will be getting the Legion of the Damned.

    Space Marine chapters currently participating are:
    Dark Angels.
    Blood Angels.
    Imperial Fists.
    Space Wolves.

    Chaos Warbands currently participating are:
    Iron Warriors.
    Word Bearers.
    Black Legion.
    Night Lords.
    Alpha Legion.

    Eldar Craftworlds currently participating are:

    Ork Clans currently participating are:
    Evil Sunz.
    Bad Moons.
    Blood Axes.

    Eternal Crusade is still in early alpha, and isn't due for the MMO aspect for some time. If you pre-purchase it on steam, you get access to the alpha, which can currently played as a faction vs faction conquest mode. So far only Space Marines and Chaos are playable at the moment, but Eldar are due next month, and Orks have already been mo-capped and on their way for development.

    Eternal Crusade will be free to play on full release, but will only allow you to play the Orks. You have to buy the full game, if you want to play as Space Marines, Chaos or Eldar.

  • Its coming out for console too, sweet

  • ORKS IS MADE FOR FIGHTIN AND WINNIN. Da bloodaxe clan is da best clan because we know tha' you can always jus' run away and 'ave a go at them later.
    On a serious note, I am -all for- starting a waagh when this things gets going.

    Planetside 2 was a blast while it was just starting out, so here's hoping this is a good one if it's in the same style. I'd be careful in that there have been some really good Warhammer games, and some really bad ones. Still remains to see which one this will turn into.

    As for the console bit, I hope they are not releasing it as one world. I've done the controller versus mouse thing before when I
    played Titanfall, and you'll have a bunch of people complaining about auto-aim or, how fast you can turn with a mouse. No good.

  • would be so awesome if it supported private servers

  • @games:

    would be so awesome if it supported private servers

    The full release is intended to be a planetside 2-esque MMO, with an entire planet to fight over and conquer.

    You can currently make squads so that all friends can play together as a group.

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