Ebon Fox Trades Seeks A Third Partner!

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    Ebon Fox Trades

    Do you enjoy interacting with people?

    Are you an ambitious self-starter?

    Would you like to become one of Eveningstar's premier merchants?

    Ebon Fox Trading is looking to hire another sales associate who'd like to become a full time partner! Our business has been taking off and we can barely keep up with demand, if you enjoy adventure and teaching people the value of preparedness with the best magical sundries and goods in the region, this is the perfect fit!

    Never had the pleasure of mercantile pursuits? Don't worry!

    What We Offer

    We will train you in proper etiquette, customer training and appraisal as well as negotiating deals and establishing relationships with your buyers, turning one time customers into repeat business and friends. Once you're ready to start your own sales, we'll set you up with a bankroll and a selection of our products. You'll have full access to the extensive catalogue of Ebon Fox Trades available at our cost to sell to your customers, you'll be earning 25% of the profit on each sale from day one!

    After a probationary period, you'll be made a full partner in one of the fastest growing and most well stocked adventuring suppliers in the area, sharing in all our profits and endeavours; a great way to fund your personal projects and research or just to earn coin! You will have every opportunity to learn wizardry, magical theorem, transmutation and attunement, as well as wand and potion creation as well as more traditional trades like smithing, alchemy or others. What you put into it will be repaid to you many times over.

    **What We Are Looking For

    You do not have to be magically inclined or have a trade to get started, though both are desirable. We are willing to help you establish a trade, we have many extended partners which can help you boot strap your own education. We are looking for extroverted ambitious and self-motivated people who're pleasant to be around and possess a keen mind, don't take themselves too seriously and know how to have fun.

    You must be able to read and write, do basic math and show an ability to think on your feet.

    Race and gender are not important to us, nor is your nationality or background, however we do expect your past to be just that, your past. It may have made you who you are, but it doesn't have to define your future! And please, no associations with current city factions; we are based out of Eveningstar and are politically agnostic.

    Interested? Speak to an Ebon Fox Trades representative today! Our white on black with teal colors are distinct in the city and the village, and the black fox leather shield we wear signifies us as members of the company. Alternatively, letters of interest can be sent to Althea or Clarah at the Phoenix and Unicorn in Eveningstar.

    **Start The Most Exciting Chapter of Your Life Today!****_

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