Little known tips and tricks.

  • If you know of any little known tips and tricks about the server, feel free to post them here. Just thought it would be nice to have a place to look to help things move along even smoother.

    For example, did you know you could make a sending using the dot commands? Simply type .sending Message here. It's faster, and allows you to fit more text than if you talked to the sender NPC. When you're done, typing .send will send the message and automatically take the coin away from you. You must be in a relatively close distance to a sender to make use of this feature.

  • In addition to the above, if you use .send [text here] it will send the message immediately, without giving you the chance to proof-read that the .sending command offers.

  • Bathing long enough provides huge bonus to HP recovered on rest!
    Watch the IG time in the bottom right corner!
    (This took me more than a year to realize.)

  • Said bathing places include the Spire's Garden Spire as well as the baths in the basement of the Fine Hells.

  • a successful heal kit or medicine bag application will also boost your healing on rest.

    get your 4gp medicine bag and have that used on you before you rest. you don't even lose it as you have no disease/poison to cure.

  • Someone else has to apply it though.

  • @AronFF:

    Someone else has to apply it though.

    Yep, you can't treat your own wounds in this way. But yup, it works like you've had a nice bath if someone else succesfully treats them, even with a medicine bag.

  • I'd advise having a skilled healer do the application, as if the first try fails, you don't get to retry that rest cycle. So might also be worth it to use a +x kit for this (which will get consumed), as it's still cheaper than potions/wand charges. Or take the time to do this at the start of your day, so some well-meaning but unskilled partymember doesn't accidentally fails treatment mid-adventure.

  • Take your time to learn the merchants around town. Some have a higher cap, but a lower buy price, some have a higher buy prices but a lower cap. A bit of a walk can result in a useful extra income.

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