Rav's journal(p21 on, bandwidth warning/pictures)

  • (entered jan 26/04..or near then)

    This is the journal of Rav (Saturday March 6/04)

    • the inside cover has pictures of home and family sketched in it, average and happy, there are no tragic notes or drawings*

    (note the full names are the characters names, but unless noted i do not know the full name, i have only heard the first names or no name at all in some cases, they are only there for reference purposes, each name takes up its own page and is an individual acurate sketch of the person described, exept where noted)

    (I decided to put this list up because I have had interaction with several individuals and have showed them the book, or parts of it, this is so that those i have met know what they were looking at or rather who)

    • Note: they are in order they have been drawn and any i have shown the book will not have seen any pages beyond theirs unless I have showed them the book at a later date(eg:1 Bren Boger char name=Bren name under picture in cases where there is a decription that is also added, but use good judgement in translating it)*

    all entries are done in charcoal (in the field book..see below..second book added with pen drawings)(in time when i figure out how to do the actual posting pictures..i may put some up)Note: i have figured out how to post pictures, they are on page 21 onward, and no entry will be made from that point forward that is a drawing that will not have a accompanying sketch

    book 1 -pages 1-100

    1 Bren Boger (heard name not introduced)=Bren

    2 Lemir Meyer (heard name only as mr. lemir)=Lemir

    3 Ildon Achthenen (heard him introduce self as ildon i work for the house of death)=Ildon

    4 Andris Ravenwing (heard hin call himself and-dirs)=and-dirs

    5 page empty

    6 jace lewun (heard name..talked to me once)=Jace

    7 Hera (head name)=Hera

    8 Tyna (heard name)=Tyna

    9 Eararin iLphukiir..bard(Tursho)(introduced to)

    10 Svenn Ruelle= gave me a nice tunic…was not introduced though= a poorly drawn sketch from memory, but drawn flatteringly

    11 Mervin twill (met)=Mervin(asked if i had a sore throat)

    12 Algon (not introduced..heard name)=Algon

    13 Gilbert Fonkebur (met him!)(can't hear me too good)

    14 Nerakos Undt (do not know name know him, met once)=nice picture of him

    15 Hideo Iron Heart(introduced)=Hideo

    16 Father Graham Boulderhead of moradian (heard name)" i am...."(he is a very nice person i like him)

    17 oltar metranos (seen him introduce himself by that name)

    18 Arato belegothar (introduced himself as belegothar to someone else)=Belegothar

    19 Somniis Szul (lost stuff in slums..helped her out)=Somniis

    20 Rith amolender (heard rith)=Rith

    21 Grodish meatmeaker(heard grod)(loud person, made me jump)=Grod

    22 Silvanas Wolfshade( heard silvy)=silvy

    23 Jacen Tyrane (helped look for a dead body)=Jacen

    24 Darren (heard name)=Darren

    25 Torlando Reyne (heard first name)with =Torlando
    26 Beth krown (heard beth)=Beth

    27 Snape (heard him say "snape crush dem bones")=Snape

    28 conor o'binkum (heard called bink)=bink

    29 neko (heard name)=Neko

    30 bull feathers (heard feathers)=feathers

    31 the bloodflame (called orax)=prax

    32 Elson River walker =("we are elson" heard..hates orax!)
    33 Magnus Axegrinder =(heard magnus)

    34 Rexxar ( "i am rexxar" well spoken orc, i like him)

    35 Jaina stormcaller =heard Jaina

    36 Astarn King= heard astarn

    37 Melody Ravenhair (heard name)=Melody

    38 Kira taggwell (heard)=Kira

    39 Justin Legious (heard)(moonelf, met him and introduced, nice)=justin

    40 Aaikein Arrowfeather= heard i am Aaikein

    41 Andrik (heard )=Andrik
    42 Periadoc Wistle= called Peri

    43 Asmodious von guet= do not know..he always says zoom then runs off..he i will call mr zoom, have not seen his face so the picture of mr Zoom is an acurate drawing of him running away

    44 Sterm Nedenheim= heard sterm

    45 mithindar=heard mith

    46 Suli Holden=heard suli
    47 Bally Ramading= heard bally

    48 Lacheinu godinson= called lach

    49 Lucian= called lucian

    50 Lysian Rose= called lysian(i am priestess of talos)

    51 Castor Benedictus = heard castor

    52 mica Rose = heard mica

    53 Temon oak =heard temon

    54 Paskazel=heard " pakazel not understand"

    55 Karl Talanscor= ..called karl(mean told me to 9i55 off)(picture is modified after the fact to look unflattering, a larger belly was added after the original drawing was sketched

    56 natassia rifts =heard name/introduced(nice showed her my book and the drawings) she showed me some wonderfull areas around the city and gave me a nice dress, she was kind...that was shortly after I had had an unsettling encounter with some awful Goblins.

    57 Caston Nefzen= heard cast

    58 Moran warbringer =heard i am Morgan

    59 Masklin Jenner= heard masklin

    60 Walker Silverblade= heard walker

    61 Tyna=heard"hi i am tyna"

    62 Vallander blake=heard valander

    63 ethan winterbone=heard ethan

    64 Garret Tallerdale(gave me ink, and paint supplies)( gave him a copy of the picture i did of him in a heroic pose on a cliff edge standing over a vanquished goblini have seen goblins..shutters)(he soon to be married to Reiana, and i cannot wait to meet her and draw a picture of them together)(showed book)

    65 Elric the dark= elric(met, nice...showed book)(told him and Garret of the rude Karl and showed picture of Karl..which was not flattering..it had a belly added to him)

    66 william gold moon paladin of torn=heard "i am...."

    Because of Garret I now have a second book, this one in Pen and is a fancy copy of the first book, "the field sketch book"

  • second entry and pictures same day

    67 shan Landers=heard Shan

    68 Buppi Sapplert = heard buppi

    69 Valia rift = heard name

    70 Elandir Caliodo met him nice=Vildur(nice drawing of him..very nice)

    pictures of festival shadow and garrett doing acrobatics

    71 theo Kain (heard name) picture in pool attire
    72 Terenia bendon(heard name) in pool atire
    73 Samar Ayown (heard name) in pool attire

    74 Bralen Legathilin= heard bralen

    75 astarn king= heard astarn

    76 heard "Kural could you heal him(buppi in market)' [Kural Fenmaris] "sleep can heal man illness"(seemed not nice..kind of a jerk i think)(picture of him is not flattering)

    77 caldor fynn ( healed buppi when kural would not) do not know the name..but drew a flattering picture of him, healing someone whos face is turned away from picture

    78 victor cros heard= i am victor.. (then) are you a thiefling?(he got no answer..and i hoped he would have gotten one..i wonder what they look like..and if they are bad)

    79 vindel menemen( no name on picture was talking to kural)heard=(was in jail..said was falsely accused of theft)

    80 Nathaniel turner (no name just picture) was talking to Kural and vindel

    81 Arowin Anul'ern introduced(artist also)(sun elf)

    82 Killel nitrospace = heard killel

    83 Blaze mundar (no name just picture)(he seemed sad, so drew picture of him looking sad)

  • (march 7th/04)

    84 Mark Wilso(hey Mark) Malek lalaurie owes me money)..wears blue…tall man, hansome(met him " i am mark")(nice picture he is a nice man)

    85 Malek Lalaurie (had hood)(got picture..but of his corpse! see below)(so knows name..he was the one who owed Mark money)

    86 Draws a picture of a dead body(malek) and Kural and Cory standing near it (corpse is of malek!....draws corpses face..not flattering, not easy to draw a nice picture of a dead person)...did not pay attention to the conversation..just drew the details...a guard in armor(albert Stiener) and helmet so no face is visible questioning the 2 standing near the dead body, i over heard later, he was killed for throwing a spell in the city or something, but i could be wrong..but i did hear Malek had owed Mark (see above picture) but mark was across the market when the blue dressed malek died and he is too nice a person to do anything like that!!!

    87 Cory(heard name )

    88 Kevin J Lloyd (no name)( just a picture of him running through the waterway near the market splashing, not a really good likeness)notation says ..he is always running..i do not think i have ever seen him standing in one spot..till today we talked briefly, he is nice also

    89 Cerel Tortle no name- picture of him with(he has a hood so the drawing is not a good representation or even recognizable.) 5 children 3 boys and 2 girls, all smiling and playing ,and one of the stoic helmeted guards, Marshall is also in the picture no name just a picture, child said fobble..they refered to cerel as daddy

    90 Strunduin deepholme= nice we met and talked ,Strunduin- showed him book, he is looking for graham (page 16)(real nice drawing of him) i hope he finds graham

    91 Jalynn Winterblade she is nice , she noticed Strunduin was hurt and she healed him, and she tried to help him in his quest to find graham(real nice drawing of her)

    92 dianna dandylion= no name , helped her identify some gloves..they were nice gloves (sketched below her picture, then she was attacked by magic, it hurt her, she said a deep gnome did it and ran off to find the culprit..i do not know how that went..as i ran the other direction

    93 buli amertian=met buli, very nice!(flattering drawing of him)

    94 Gammergun Glimmergrin= no name, just a picture with a dog standing near him

    95 taia Zu( no name..nice, gave beth items she retrieved)(side profile picture)(eep..said a dragon was faced, beth was there too!page 26)

  • (friday March 12th 2004)

    96 Frum Felher= heard him say frum frum this and frum frum that..a hin(grum was growling at him and he growled back)

    97 Lucian=heard i am Prizm

    98 Evana Ampraphennes=heard i am Evana

    99 Grum=met him he is cute in a wild sort of way..runs around growling and chewing on sleeves (picture 96,97,98 all on one page….grum is chewing on Lucians sleeve while evana and an armored helmeted man looks on[vindel menemen])( a second picture of him standing in the drinking fountain smiling)(gave him a drawing of him standing in fountain)

    100 Anastrianna Severa=heard i am anastrianna

    book 2- pages 101-200

    101 Jack Darkblade=heard i am jack darkblade

    102 Astarn King=met him very nice (picture of him in a heroic pose in guards uniform with helmet off)(note this is the 3rd picture of him in the book each a very nice drawing) he is so nice..i hugged him(showed him the book and gave him a picture of Kural)(note showed Albert stiener the book shortly after this picture was drawn)

    103 Ragnin Laststand= heard Ragnin..he is a guard..seems very nice..flattering picture..heard him refered to as a sargent

    104 regdan Ironin =met(i am redan)(nice picture, he is smiling)(showed him the book)

    105 Larry colt(no name) being beligerent to armored guards, face looks angry and hands are contorted into rude gestures.he was eventually arrested..he was so totally rude..called the guards bad names..and it turns out he even attacked Regdan on several occasions..but Regdan was able to walk away from it..thank goodness…i will remember this face[larry] and i will keep clear of him

  • (Friday March 12/2004)
    106 Raice Bannon =no name, Frum said he was attacking people and had killed two women and when Astarn tried to question him he attacked! then Astarn tried to arrest him..but he fled (picture depicts Raice with a snarl on his face trying to hit Astarn, and a stoic armored [no helmet though he was helmeted in the incedent] Astarn standing firm and handsome as a fist bounces harmlessly off his armor)

    107 Met Natassia's sister i mistook her for Natssia..she corrected me (another picture that looks like Natassa..but it is Melanie, she introduced herself) i was to meet her in the tired traveller and show her the book (i had continual crash problems so was not able to meet her)
    (Saturday March 13/2004)

    108 TXXX XXXXX(name witheld just in case he is not really a drow, and did not hear name)= picture of Regdan talking to him..but tXXX is wearing a hood..so only the shape of the body is recognizable..

    i heard someone mention he was a drow..too bad i could not see his face, and i did see a dark skinned elf in the visitors club earlier that day..though i did not see his face..he had a hood on(but no shirt), so i did not bother drawing any pictures then.

    109 Elithnerandorfineriandor heard name introduced himself to someone else..((did not get second name..it was longer than the first..and it took me so long to type that the server had crashed by the time i was finished the first name ; ) ….))

  • 110 Jacen Tyrane = met before..second drawing of him.and a nice one, he told me kural was executed…

    111 Leon warner=heard name, nice picture....(but not as accurate as others, drawn from memory)

    112 theo Kain=heard Hi theo, picture of him sitting on a bench with a pixie in the foreground behind Elith... back turned sitting on a bench facing Theo

    113 Larris Floyd accused of murder no name, in group picture with aiana and Astarn(and who i learned later was a friend Thikon modric..no name...seen them 2 seperate occasions together)

    112 Ariana Selenvale (gnomish boomstick)=heard first name, accused Larris of murder(did not say name pointed) (picture is of them talking to Astarn..(helmet is off in picture..though in real incident it was on) looking heroic

    113 Drew picture of Pseudodragon..biting Larris in the cell

    114 drew a floating eye thing near kevin w lloyd(did not hear name yet) in cell

    115 Evelyn= melody called her twiggy..heard i am evelyn

    116 Morda=heard name (playing a guard..acting...in a dramatic pose by the benches with a guard style weapon))

    117 Urebrin Liami=introduced)toothy smile in picture

    118 Amarynth Firehand (no name sitting by a tree)

    118 Aaikein Arrowfeather sitting on a bench (no name)

    119 Vrirbag Groll= 1/2 orc...picture he looks a bit threatening heard first name

    120 picture of a angry Vriirbag trying to hit vildir((elandir))..vildir looks shocked..but calm as he dodges the blow

  • (sunday march 15/2004)

    121 Somniis Szul (second picture..nice picture)introduced me to Bug

    122 Barbug Uskada= met="bug" nice, drawing has a kind face."what a charming person!"

    123 Senrik Brinset=heard name senrik i think, he has horns interesting to say the least, Bug said he was a goatsman

    124 Rylon Aylown=heard name "Rylon a ranger from a far land"

    125 Jhaeril =heard name, talked to som

    126 Goigan =heard name="well Goigan let us find an inn" he seen me drawing Rylon and heard me talking and showing it to Som..so they came up to see what i was doing, so i showed them the book, they seemed nice, but may have been worried at first that we were whispering Rylons name

    127 Zanetar Den'Narria= no name..picture he has no clothes on…black and red tattoos all over body..drew his thing kind of small "have to show this picture to Astarn, because we think he was running around naked because he liked it!"

    128 Selena d'Valmont=(no name) picture of her at the podium, singing, nice picture "very nice voice..bit of an accent though, but very charming!
    "i came in to the tired traveller when a performance was on..it is nice to see other artists at work!"

  • (wednesday March 17/2004)

    134 Vildur Weftylnei= did not catch name…naked drow standing in the market as *=Astarn confronts him, and arrests him and Kevin W Lloyd (gnome) ..note the arrested have scowls upon their faces and Astarn looks heroic as he is stopping them with one hand out ..and no helmet on (he had helmet on during the 2 seperate incidents..but i took artistic licence..the drawing is both flattering and handsome of Astarn, *=Smash thrash a half orc is also in the picture..also unclothed, skin is dark as a drows(in the background..no name accompanies his picture however)

    135 Goriolawyn Ju'ein= drow no name standing infront of *=Astarn (side view of them facing each other)(Astarn is again not wearing a helmet..even though the facts speak otherwise...another artisic licence drawing)

    136 Eidan Alminst=heard name Regdan knows him standing talking to *=Regdan (both look good in the drawing)"Regdan is so very very nice!!

    137 Able wrentree=introduced ..drew his chiseled features(has glasses) as he said (buck teeth and thick glasses..but the drawing is not quite as his description...if anything he looks better in the picture than real like..and slightly more muscular..not like the barney fife type character that he ably plays and has in his description) he is very nice, in the picture is *=Lisha Auril ap Connover heard name Lisa

    138 Talas foxglove ( "this part is in book 3 only and only Vildur see it winksmentioned harpers wants to meet Vildur") introduced she has horns

    139 Alina wintersong= heard first name, she is sitting at table talking to *=Samarin Nar'falon =heard first name side profile..pencils in *= Arak Romsul= heard first name

    140 Phage =heard name "i am phage priestess of sharess" seems very nice

    141 Thikon Modric=introduced(did not seem to like Samarin ..called him a zealot)(he is either grumpy..or a bad man)(i overheardheard someone else mention that Samarin, ansram,gorgin,andrik were all good men)

    142 Benedict Ambrosium= heard name, he is sitting at table with Frum

    143 Melanie and Natassia Rift(best friend smiles)=drawing standing wearing same clothes ..looking alike (duh) in the temple

  • (march 17/2004 about 6 pm)

    note transcribed below last drawing "field book" book 1(the one i show unless noted)

    I have just noticed that my drawings have become my obsession now..to the point..where i take tasks..fully intending to complete them..but i am distracted before i can even do some of them..ok..i do get the odd job done..but i cannot remember how many i leave unfinished..i hope this does not effect my relationships with those with whom i rely upon getting gold to pay my way in the city

    note: spend more time with friends, and try to finish the jobs you take!
    the next part though legible has stroke marks through it..unless of course a opurtunity to draw presents itself

  • (march 19/2004 AM early)

    144 Sprig Shadowstep=heard sprig, in picture he is talking to Regdan..who looks handsome in the drawing.(( Regdan is wearing armor in this picture..though he was actually wearing a tunic at the time..and apparantly his armor is quite dented..but you can not tell that from the picture..he looks a proper knight in shining armor!))

    145 a picture given to me drawn by bug!((papers in the NE section))
    how sweet of him

    146 a picture of Smash and Bug standing side by side with pleasant smiles on thier faces (this did not happen..i took artistic licence after the fact, they had met and we had a very nice visit with them)

    I have to tell Natassia all about Regdan….he is so very very nice..i am sure she will like him and approve of him((carelessly writing this in my book of pictures))

    also i had overheard that there were lizard men loose in the city..i would have like to have seen one...just so i could draw it..but they sound dangerous..so that may not happen too soon..i headed to the inn when i heard that there may be the chance of more lizard men roaming the city.

    i felt safe none the less..Regdan was there to protect me..and i could see the guards preparing for the worst too.

  • (sunday march 28th 2004 late sat/early sunday)

    147 Quin Undry=did not hear name..notation mentions he was proclaming helm in the market..and several people stopped to listen to him, he said something about some lord Ao, and gods being stripped of their power, i was drawing and did not really pay too much attention(he is standing one hand out )..he is a good at talking. Too bad i did not really listen..

    148 Mongo Rish= heard name, talking to Melody Ravenhair, accused her of murder…what a proposterous notion..he is obviously mad! Melody is a nice person! (picture melody looks nice and calm whereas Mongo looks threatening)

    149 Larry Colt= heard name larry, refers to self as lurry, he is in the picture having a heated debate with Spooko (a hin no name heard)and he is only drawn as a hooded figure no face seen...these others seem to be larrys friends Caldur Rydrion(no name heard) and Mongo rish(see 147)...all are foaming at the mouth in the picture..i think they were friends having a friendly debate..i do not know who is trying to fight who ..or who is trying to stop it...i will draw them all with angry looks on thier faces...they did not notice me drawing

    150 Mariah Jabinsdotter= from Cormye village called nothtrine-ex farmer was very nice! there is a very nice flattering picture of her in the book

    151 Ghost windwalker= heard name ghost(met him)..was looking for a smith..i was not able to help him...and i have been in the city for quite some time..this is embaressing..but he was nice though in spite of my lack of local knowledge...i know many people and what they look like..but ask me simple directions....

    152 Storm= him and smash are talking in the drawing..though it happened in the evening, i drew it as a daytime event, heard his name "storm"

    153 Picture of Seren and Storm in the vistor center, she is sitting at the table and he is standing beside her..both are smiling and look very pleasant (and handsome/pretty) (note=told them my thoery about the inn keeper and the hin! also told melody and i think Elriel)

    154 Maureen Virginia=met her a nice drawing of her in the book.(told her my thoery of the inn keeper and the hin) (i hope my spreading the theory of the inn keeper and the hin does not get anyone into trouble...i think what they are doing is harmless..and they may be hiding it because it may be an embarressing trade they have engaged in)

    I looked for Natassia today..but did not find her, i hope she is ok..i told Melanie to tell her I wanted to say hello. also i was looking for Regdan, and i failed at meeting him also...i miss both of them...but at least with Natassia..taking to her sister is calming, she looks so much like Natassia!

    I will keep looking to see both of them..but till I do I have my art to keep me busy...today was another very productive day, and i was able to show my art to several people, that made me fell very good! (note these musings are at the bottom of the page of the last picture, below its description)

  • (sunday march 28 2004 9:05 pm)

    155 a drawing of the gathering for "a magic sending by karl talanscor at the bhaliir auction in the estate courtyard south arabel..followed by a bounty competition ..had to go inside because of the rain, what a nice building, and good thing the rain would have prevented me from doing any drawings
    note names followed by a (N) are notated with name, the other names are merely pictures of the un named person
    /Andrik(wore blue)/Karl Talanscor(N- a scowling picture of him)(wore blue)/Tal Hammers/ Melanie Rift(N- very beautiful drawing..more time spent on this drawing than the others)/ Svenn Ruelle (wore blue) /Rose(N=heard name) / Bhodi Casterfule / Corthol Galidith / Lucian / Tal Hammers / Dell Nothan / Gragor Storm / Kuenry / Mark Wilson(N) / Eamon Rhudaur (wore blue, note.hooded no face) / She'nn Aredhel / Merlock Craven(N=heard name ..well first name he wore red) /Zach Reyne / Pyro(hooded figure no face) / Vind Feren(N) / Shane Tyszaar (hooded)/

    156 Regdan showed up..and he gave me a ring! i love it and will cherish it! how sweet of him (below a drawing of Regdan..holding the ring with a carved cat "curled up in a ball on it") i told Melanie, i want to tell Natassia too, i told Melanie to tell her, but i hope i find her first i want to show it to her.

    157 A picture of Regdan wearing his new armor..looking heroic(* this next notation is in Vidurs copy only book 3, told Regdan i was assosiated with H..note mushy stuff is not in book 3 only in book one and two)

    158 Regdan, Astarn , and Gorgen Talbot(heard name from Regdan) figthing Mephits in town they all look herioc and the mephits looked angry and twisted..larger than they actually were (note says they were imps, but i am sure they had to be some kind of terrible devils) (note: Astarn was wearing his helmet in the encounter, but in the drawing he is not wearing one) regdan and I were on our way to the purple dragon garrison for some kind of a contest when we happened yupon these horrible devils in front of a building, Regdan engaged them first and happily Astarn and Gorgen came to our aid (along with a wonderfull wizard who was very instrumental in their destruction..i did not get a drawing of her..but i am greatfull to her and to the others)

    I hope Regdan feels for me as I do for him, and i am sure he does!

  • (monday march 29 2004 early in the am)

    159 Perry Strumin(no name a hin) talking with Smash
    he said "ya know a story untold is a story unsold i'll make a profit i shall" it sounded so neat i had to write it down and sketch it, standing beside them is Laioric "deathwind" T'laeren (i think his name is ric)….the picture is a flattering one of all 3 involved..what (perry ) said put me into a good mood!

    160 Dyna Sprithart=(introduced, dyna) met her in the temple and drew a nice picture of her.

    I stumbled upon them all when i was looking for Natassia to show her the ring that Regdan had given me, and i wanted to tell her all about him and what we did and seen, and i want to show her the pictures that i have done since we last met, i had heard she was in the city, but i suppose it could have been Melanie since some may not know them one from the other, at any rate i had a nice visit with Melanie and showed her everything.

  • (monday march 29 2004 4:30pm )

    161 Tyna= heard name ..drawing is of her sitting on floor in market cover beside a almax Andarion and domino almax (no names by the last 2)

    163 corpse of Drudo Bretyad ..he tried to rob from the dwarven smith, picture has Regdan and Oliver Baba (introduced is very nice)standing over his corpse (thief looks twisted and scowling in death, whereas Regdan and Oliver look heroic, they were not the ones who did this to him, they helped afterwards)

    164 Picture of Smash(named), Corthol Galidith (heard whole name), and Sarafin Fal'shyn (only heard first name) , notation says names and also says they were on a mission to help a porr lad to get his belongings back (Smashs drawing he looks nicer and less menacing than in earlier drawings..but the underlying theme of him being big and formidable still continues in the drawing)

    164 Nerakos(said i drew him looking stern), lemir and Samarin, nice drawing of the talking together met them all they were nice Rak said i should draw him looking not so stern

    165 hope= heard name , drawing is done from memory(no drawn in person) so not quite as accurate as it could be(rain stopped) drew Peri standing by her.she is wearing a hat..but the drawing depicts her(hope) as cute.

    Regdan told me he loved me, and i told him i loved him too written in swirly script

  • (wednesday march 31 2004 10pm or so)

    166 met Smash, drew him talking to Tonia Redweth in the market(heard tonia's first name)

    167 ..i seen a man kill himself..it was awful..rapidly sketched drawing of (Durag LeSaber)(drawing was done with a shaking hand..) i tried to yell out for him to stop..but he did not hear me..i do not think anyone did..it was so sad

    168 Mark wilson (heard first name)..drew him standing in market wearing armor..note says he was selling longswords..also in the drawing is Aedon kilcannon (heard first name) he is wearing armor, drew them standing beside each other even though they were not…more artistic license

    169 Sagri whisper(met introduced..drawn from memory..it was raining)also a memory drawing of silver(heard name..grrr...rain..)

    170 Kurtak (heard name) Del Nottian(heard first name) shandrea Fallcoat (heard first name)and Parenfel Aluvianand (no name by drawing)and silvianus Zephermedre (heard name as miss silvainus) all were standing close together in market, even tough engaged in different conversations..drawn on same page..people were quite upset that they wereorcs or something..they could not be real orcs..they are raging and dangerous..these were half orcs..i hope

    171 draws larry colt (name lurry ) fighting gruk(heard name)..lurry said something about orcs, it was awfull....fighting in public like that...but he did look like an orc (gruk looks more orc like in picture than in real life..and somewhat larger and menacing) they both got thrown into jail..served them right

    172 lil bill colt (no name but refered to lurry as daddi) seemed like an awful little kid..well..not so little..a large and rather ugly child..or a handsome dwarf...

    173 Tyro and Jack Napier(heard jack introduced and tyro) sitting in the inn..at a table, they were taking about a memorial of somekind, drawn beside them is Theo Kain (no name)(he was at another table, but i took artistic license and put him at thier table) we talked for quite a while..i hope i can make it to the contest they are putting on, Tyro is a artist of some great skill also, i learned quite bit looking at his drawings, his treatment of shadows is efficent and unique..i shall copy that style from now on

    i did not see Regdan or Natassia, but i did see melody, she is so sweet, she let me know she had seen Natassia...i cannot wait to show Natassia my ring...oh rats..i should have shown it to melody...i will have to ask her forgiveness that was rude of me..at any rate i was so busy doing my art work..i completely forgot to solve that puzzle book yet again! i bet i never get it figured out..even though it seems rather easy..well my art is what is important, note i tried to talk to the warden again..but he was really busy so i asked him once..then left..poor guy, he must be run ragged with all the paper work

  • (thursday april 1 2004 5:30pm)

    174 a picture of a half dragon, standing taking to Regdan, she (zuzizalthy'ridan) has wings! (i heard her father is a copper dragon)(no name accompanies the picture) alot of people were interested in her, she seemed quite popular

    175 Maureen Virginia (heard first name) talking to smash in the picture also in the picture is Silvianus(named)(note: she looked at[that is all that is noted under her portrait a cryptic message that means only something to me]), also Krusk (heard name ) taking to them also..plus kasev(heard first name)..he has horns..is he a goatsman like Bug described? Rashan(i may have heard the first name, but i forgot it _)..though they were not all together at the same time..they are drawn together…another bit of artistic license.

    Regdan and i must have stood on the street for an hour or so..but it seemed like minutes...we hugged..it was wonderful!_

  • (monday April 5/2004 5:00pm)

    I just wandered around the city..read the notices on the boards, i did not draw any pictures today, i guess i am too depressed. I was not able to make it into the pagent yesterday, there were so many people in front of the bath house, and the crowd outside was so loud..i do not think anyone heard me..i could not get anyones attention to let me in. i read in a notice that Natassia won the event, that does not surprise me..but it has not cheered me up much..and i thought that hearing that she won would..i guess my own desire to win has spoiled my attitude, i really should be happy that she won..instead i am sad that i was not able to compete.

    it rained more today, part of the reason i did not draw, and part of why i am depressed. i did see smash and a bunch of people talking about going on a caravan or something like that, I tried to find some work to do to keep myself busy, but the notices on the boards have me so scared of exploring..knowing that many in the market crowds are thugs looking to rob unsuspecting people. so i kept to the well lit areas always with a guard within sight.

    the sad thing is that i seen many new faces that i had not drawn before…usually i jump at the chance to draw new faces...but this rain.it makes it so hard to draw in the open.

    I looked around to see if i could find Regdan i did not find him. I also looked for Natassia and Melonie, seeing any of them would have raised my spirits.

    ((draws a picture finally..a self portrait sitting in the inn looking very sad))

  • (wednesday April 7th 9:00pm)

    176 Gammergun Glimmergrin(heard name as Gamm) talking to Orax "the bloodflame* he is seated by a fountain
    "Gamm and Orax, they were talking about using magics and stuff they must be wizards" also in picture is Elriel Gellana(heard first name)she is wearing armor "note=shortly after the picture was completed someone fired arrows at orax and elriel, i hid behind a crate while they ran i the direction of the arrows, i did over hear that Rak had died,by ogres i heard, that is so bad, and i never had a chance to draw him smiling, ..wait i heard he was raised from the dead..i will get a chance after all"

    177 Drom Bescha(heard first name) talking to Astarn(he is drawn without a helmet..and this time he was not wearing one!) about the arrow attack.."i did not see who shot the arrows..as when i realized what was happening …i ran and hid behind some large crates..while everyone else ran bravely towards where the arrows came from"

    178 Natassia wearing new dress, looking very beautiful, says "pagent winner"

    179 a drawing of Natassia(looking herioc) fighting an allip, with a zombie and a skeleton standing there too..also around the ground are a pile of vanquished skeleton and zombies "we went into parners, Natassia vanquished at least a dozen of these different opponents, it is too bad i was not of much help, she is as deadly with a sword as she is presentable at any pagent...i do not know how i made it out alive from there, i can only attribute it to Natassia's skill and to her God Lathander, she yelled "FOR LATHANDER" before facing the foul things"

    "i showed Natassia the ring Regdan gave me, she had mentioned that she had met him, I am so happy that she liked the ring and she seemed to approve of Regdan, though i did not ask her directly (OOC=she will have read this as i have carelessly included thoughts with the drawings..and Natassia was shown the book after this drawing was completed)

  • (friday april 9th 2004..i think..)

    note there are some drawings in the book that will be added to this entry once..these pictures have been lost forever..as my field book was destroyed before they could be copied over [my journal was empied in a crash] so i had to reconstruct my field book using drawings from the pen and ink book as a guide…[the drawings in the new field book will be of better quality than the original one..since i have had lots of practice

    I recieved devestating news yesterday note it written the day after the news was recieved A small man walked up to me and asked if i knew Regdan.

    my immediate thoughts were that he was going to inform me that Regdan was was setting up a meeting for me, instead he told me that he Regdan was dead..he mentioned that some gnomes we going to try and bring him back..but...

    , i was devistated and i stumbled around for what seemed like a day, i do not remember much of that day..i remember wandering around the city lost, i remember i must have fainted, or fallen down a lot as my legs are all bruised and cut up..the day was a blur of tears..and i do remember being several diffent places.

    i also remember Tyro and Emma consoling me, Emma gave me a nice yellow dress..i was wearing rags..as i felt i did not deserve to be dressed nicely..and Tyro gave me more gold that i can ever remember seeing in one place, to help bring back regdan..i am feeling a bit better today..i do not know what i will tell Natassia, i had just shown her the ring Regdan had given me, and i wanted XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXindicates that what was written is scribbled out

  • Natassia and Melody helped me alot in getting over my loss

    180 picture of 2 tara's(heard first names)( tara teallpocknets and tara ) talking with berry(heard name) and hawk in background (heard name)

    181 Domino Almax(domino) and husband "max" talking with Fade (heard name and drew face when seh took hood off for a drink)

    182 Maevok Hammerhand (no name)"he stood stoicly in the market like a statue..i am guessing he is a performer artist, doing a statue"

    183 Berry(heard name) talking to Tara, hawk (heard name is sitting in a chair behind them)
    a portrait has been erased as with a name AXXXXXXX only a faint A is visibl now
    "note he wanted annonyminity and after we talked i agreed, i will show him my book when ever i see him, he is rather nice"

    184 Smash and Eru(heard eru as name) (erudash storm)

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