My Mad Rants

  • You Have The Power!

    As sentient beings we have the capacity to interact with the world around us in a productive way. As a result of us interacting with the world around us we can do wonderous or horrible things. Some of us live life by simply coasting along while thinking that we don't have any power to change things or that we don't have the power to create something. Well I'm here to tell you that you do have the power and the capacity to influence the world around us.

    Some of the obstacles preventing you from changing the world around you are religion, government, and the people around you. We will start with religion first. Religion has some good points in some cases, and can help people live positive lives. Religion was developed to control the people because people need ethics and standards of living. Without ethics and standards of living the functionality of civilization is hindered by immoral actions. Why was religion created though?

    I believe religion was created to control the masses. Can we have ethics and standards of living without the control of religion? I would say yes, and here is why. Most religions promise something in return for good behaviour, such as going to heaven. Imagine a civilization or a person that did something not because it was promised something in return, but because it was simply the right thing to do. Would such actions not be the proper path to take?

    Our greed and childlike tendencies get the best of us. Even at an early age we are conditioned to believe that we should be rewarded for our actions. We are being taken advantage of. They are playing on our fears, desires, and innate flaws. In order to grow as a species and civilization we must overcome the reward system that has been set in place by the powers that be. Simply do something because you feel it is the right thing to do, not because you might get something as a reward.

    How does religion use fear? What better way to get someone to do what you want by threatening them with eternal damnation, pain, and suffering. Does an all loving and all good god really want you to suffer for all eternity? After all, that god created you with innate flaws to begin with did they not? Why else would you struggle with good and evil? Would an all good god or religion need to use fear as a motivator?

    I'm not saying that god doesn't exist. I'm just saying that the mortal representations of god are flawed, because we ourselves are flawed. If there is a god, then why did they create a life so cruel and full of so much conflict? Maybe god is testing not our ability to follow blindly, but testing our ability to question what is truly right and wrong, even if that wrong is being done by a god.

    Government is an easy one, just look at the world around you. Most of us get up and have to go to work a meaningless job because of the parameters set by our governments. We should be spending more time doing meaningful things such as bettering our bodies, minds, and the world around us. Instead we are caught up in this competition with each other to get our basic needs met. The governments want us busy with such troubles because they don't want critical thinkers questioning the way things are run.

    It is like a pyramid, with everyone on the top of the pyramid telling everyone below them what to do. What makes the people on top of the pyramid better than the people at the bottom of the pyramid? Nothing, the people on top profit from the people on the bottom. When our basic needs are met, we tend to be more productive and happy. The way things tend to be run now keep us in a loop of trying to get our basic needs met through constant labor. Get out of the rat race my friends.

    If our basic needs are being met without working for them, then what should we be spending our time working on? I believe that once our basic needs are met we can pursue greater things. Somebody needs to do the work to provide us with the basic needs though. Our farmers for example should be treated with the greatest respect, because food is the corner stone of civilization. I think we need to rethink what tasks are truly important to the foundation of a civilized society.

    Other people are the greatest hinderance to productive growth because we have so many different levels of intellect, which means varying opinions on how things should be run. There are so many of us due to overpopulation. We need to find a way to unite however and agree on things. It almost seems like the powers that be want us divided and fighting with each other, for we are easier to manipulate that way.

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