The Tainted Challenge

  • The Tainted Challenge

    Let it be known that He Jian Xian had knelt before Raaz'Hadi and allowed him to blackmail the city, and threaten Mystra's Weave, to the horror of Dweomerkeeper Raznor. She was a regular companion of the Talassans and the Thayans, always with the excuse of "gathering information". On at least two separate occasions, when the Talassans and Raaz'Hadi were Outlaws and In Exile, she met up with and "made peace" with them, allowing them back into the city for minor punishments. In addition, He Jian Xian deputized the Talassans and ordered them to attack the Purple Dragons when they verbally protested the punishment of Maria Flats, Paladin of Mystra. For this, Lieutenant Gorstag of the Militia leapt to her defense, refusing to charge her with crimes.

    This is the same Lieutenant Gorstag who was accused by the Purple Dragons of being a Torturer. Members of the Militia requested the Purple Dragons take no action against him, yet they did nothing to stop him from continuing his reign of blood. Eventually, the Purple Dragons directly demanded his arrest, and he was caught, red-handed, with a woman hanging upside down and covered with blood.His reputation is well earned, an investigative technique that involved his victims screaming till they could scream no more. The Militia has recently informed Gorstag he would not be allowed to torture people anymore.

    He Jiang Xian has not restricted herself to attacking the Purple Dragons. She has also traded blows with fellow Militia Privates, and been charged for her crimes. She has also attacked Archmage Joshua Aldek, and Private Tanner opened a secret investigation into He Jiang Xian, believing her to be an Assassin. The Purple Dragons have in record that He Jiang Xian accepted an Assassination Contract from Strider the Snake, Traitor-Huntlord of Malar, to murder Emilia Birdsong, the Guest of Lhal.

    I question the timing of this challenge, coming so close on the heels of Gorstag's revelation as a Torturer with possibly scores of victims. Gorstag claimed the protection and patronage from Lord Malcolm Hardcastle during the investigation into his crimes. Let us lay out all the evidence for Arabel to judge.

    As for Helm, that is between my god and me.
    The Reapers of Jergal have already confirmed that I am True of Faith.

    Danica Chambers
    Boldshield of the Starwater March
    Swordcaptain of His Majesty's Purple Dragons
    Veteren of the Battles of Darkhold, Last Thunder, Thrielta Woods, Vorenthia's Isle and Hilip

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