Dueling Custom

  • Sgt. He Jiang Xian, Retainer of Lord Hawklin, bla bla bla and so on, returns to the fusty biblio-fortress from which she often these days holds forth in search of knowledge and general Cormyran custom which probably annoys the shit out of the librarians, but whatever.

    She asks this time about any books or guidelines on Cormyran Dueling Practices, specifically asking about the custom of dueling and the rules or limitations if any, regarding Noble House Retainers, Guards, and Soldiers during times of martial law.

    Is it always true for instance that the challenged sets the terms? Can duels be to the death, or have some other object?

    She kindly asks that you please enlighten her, because this is sort of important to a few things and she really comes from a culture that doesn't duel at all, and so she's not familiar with the practice.

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