Judges in Arabel/Ancient Militia Charter

  • Sergeant He Jiang Xian of the honorable and most glorious Arabel City Militia servant of the etc. etc. Lord Hawklin etc. etc. enters the library and, as usual, beelines to the old legal texts.

    She is looking for any process whereby a person becomes a Judge for the City of Arabel, whether it is a mandate from the King or whether it is elected by the Council or ruling body of the city, what its duties and privileges are, and so on.

    She also looks for the "Ancient Militia Charter" referenced elsewhere.

  • Admin [DM]

    The librarian explains that Judge Johan has been the elected judge of Arabel since the command of Lord Commander Anya De'Schurr in the Silverbannermen. He is a point of neutral judgement, elected by the Viceroy of Arabel over a decade ago.

  • Ah, that's quite interesting, says He Jiang Xian, looking up from her legal book fortress of biblio-solitude.

    So if other Judges were to be elected, they would have to be Sponsored by Judge Johan? Or the Council which replaced the Viceroy, or Lord Hardcastle who replaced the council? Or the King? Is there such a thing as, possibly, sub-judges?

  • Admin [DM]

    There has been moments of temporary judges, however none has held the title for more than the length of the trial.

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