Announcement by Mirabelle Tanner.

  • Hi, Arabel.

    Well. Recently, I met with this following of me. I told the record as it was, but they were insistent on following me regardless, or the virtues of Sune I apparently represent.

    I will make this record available to everyone, so that you can know it too.

    The fellowship is flattering, it makes me smile. Truly it does. But it must be said for all to be known.
    I am not a Goddess.

    I am a follower of Chauntea, not Sune.

    I was not blessed by a Goddess, I was rewarded by fortune for bold and virtuous acts in the line of duty. The answer you seek isn't at the bottom of a charity bowl, or the sacrifice of your most cherished possessions.

    These tithes are given to charity, if you give, you are not giving to me, you are giving to the needy. Do not give me your gold, and do not feel obligated to give.

    Sune's dogma speaks of beauty being more than skin deep. Keep this in mind. There is nothing wrong with you. If you wish to change as I did, make your mark on the world. If a simple Militia Private could make her wishes come true, someone much greater than I could easily.

    -Private Mirabelle Tanner.

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