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    Finally gotten around to reposting these. I've added notes to which pieces came from which PC. If it's not labelled otherwise, it's a song.

    {Drawing} War Wizard Henri Labelle the chibi

    The Fireside Song of Old Adventurers - Harper Song

    ! Swords once sharp now gather dust
    Much oil and work fight creeping rust
    Where once we had no time to care
    Reaching for battle brave hands bare
    ! Our lances shone back brighter sun
    Our coffers groaned with treasure won
    Proud names we held o'?er many lands
    Proud lords bowed to our commands
    ! Then dragons raged and died fierce
    As keener, sharper blades did pierce
    Swung by bolder, stronger men
    Wind and laughter both sweeter then
    ! So long ago, in fading dreams
    Sometimes fancy it all seems
    But by this sword, ?tis all be true!
    Laugh? This old blade will answer you!
    ! My old tired eyes no longer shine
    My hands are weak; far too much wine
    And little weaponwork - yet I'll fight
    Old wolves can still defiant bite
    ! And talk your talk not so loud
    Foolish, blind, and young and proud
    Or I'll rise yet and we shall see
    If you'll ever live as long as me.

    Oh Come Let Me Sing! - Partial Harper drinking song

    ! Oh, come let me sing of Olothontor the Old
    Music in thrall this lone wyrm doth hold
    If you would like to see sunrise again
    Sing long of love and loss and pain
    Sing as you've never sung before
    And alive you may be gently shown the door

    Tara's Era


    ! As we're wandering
    Travellers ask me
    Why do people live?
    ! Through the ages
    Endless warring
    What do we have to give?
    ! I am the one who hunts in the sunrise (Vesemir)
    I am the one who hates my own past (Mastian)
    I am the one who moves without notice (Pitt)
    I am the one who shields 'gainst the blast (?)
    ! I am the one who waves banners high (Henri)
    I am the one who sings to the night (Lark)
    I am the one who walks 'mongst the trees (Silentpaw)
    I am the one who calls for the light (Valkyrie)
    ! In the distance
    I see ruins
    Where has life gone to?
    ! Cold grey buildings
    Dried up fountains
    And yet the sky is blue
    ! I am the scholar who gives up his freedom (A?)
    I am the healer who wields a blade (Lillianna)
    I am the prince who reclaims a lost throne (Valerio)
    I am the stone who will never fade (Dorna)
    ! I am the reborn who will redeem the weak (?)
    I am the spirit who haunts the old halls (?)
    I am the lost who is cursed by the gods (Graeven)
    I am the lover who is enthralled (?)
    ! Still they ask me
    What's the meaning?
    I am from time removed
    ! For all of the bells may
    Ring in the silence
    I am the proof of life


    ! Not all sing, not all dance
    Not all speak of knight and lance
    Of greener hills and a strange chance
    At tender love and sweetest romance
    ! The truth, I seek, the truth, I fear
    For those that would venture near
    Upon those lands, a shining sphere
    And at dusk, will disappear
    ! The bard walks yet, searching high and low
    Through caves and hills and deepest snow
    Memorized how the winds will blow
    In his search for the unknown
    ! The truth, I seek, the truth, I trust
    For even with my blade of rust
    Each footfall does kick up the dust
    On the wanderer's way, I walk, I must
    ! A harp, a drum, an aged lute
    Gifts that sing, but for now are mute
    For what are words if refute?
    Torn-up wings, a broken flute.
    ! The truth, I seek, for what I know
    Each one a hope, a story to show
    For what we nurtured, will now grow
    A journey shared, with friend and foe

    March on Bloodtooth - Adaption
    Music - Sung to "Misty Mountains" from LotR

    ! Far over the misty Stormhorns cold
    Through valleys deep, with villains bold
    We walk along, to break the Dawn
    Our forces worth their weight in gold
    ! The golems marching, display their might
    This will not be a quiet night
    They howl in vain, their comrades slain
    For fair Arabel will win this fight
    ! The spears are tossed, the bullets slung
    They fall to surprise, the trap is sprung
    With blasts of flame, we carve our name
    And to the skies, their plans are flung

    False Dawn

    ! Colder and colder, higher and higher
    The bones as they rattle up the peaks
    ! The warriors fight as the mages make pyres
    As frost bites at the bold mens' cheeks
    ! At the top of the world stands a threat to us all
    And an ambush awaits the brave
    ! With the Eye as our witness, the greatest men do fall
    Incinerated beyond the grave
    ! Hold off until the approaching army
    Can climb up to the highest point
    ! With a strong heart, the scene won't charm me
    When the dark intent becomes all disjoint
    ! More and more drop to the dracolich's call
    Until two swords are the only ones that remain
    ! Near invincible they strike, but it still will not fall
    It only feels the barest pain
    ! Eventually the reinforcements arrive
    With them, hope shines on
    ! For even just staying alive
    Those two men stop the Dawn
    ! A golem then breaks the ritual
    And ending the deathless wyrm
    ! Many marched to hold off the mythal
    And the Weave has been upturned
    ! The Eye of the Primordial, a wilder place
    For the dark events that occurred
    ! Seemed to happen on a grander space
    And victory with heavy losses incurred

    Broken Mirror

    ! With the night swiftly settling around
    And my eyes just can not leave the ground
    For the truth in its ways grows so cold
    And a heart hidden searches for home
    ! What is a life worth without love?
    And for reasons I cannot respond
    If I could do it all again, it would not change
    For the soul that's inflamed is in chains
    ! The mask that is worn on the quest
    For them all, the guardian is the best
    But what of the one behind it all?
    As the truth for them slowly is dulled
    ! Ingrained
    Two sides that meet in the grey abyss!
    ! The mirror is shattered and still
    The broken pieces reflect once good will
    And alone as it lies in the wall
    An empty promise, a forgotten shell
    ! Grant me now, those lost ears, just tell me so
    When was the last you saw that damned mirror's glow?
    Broken past all that it once could be
    Is now when it is finally free?
    ! Or are the pieces now stuck in the ground?
    As the tears gently fall all around.


    ! As we walk through the frost
    We amble around lost
    And we search for our new home
    ! Let us be not afraid
    As our footsteps yet fade
    And we do not walk alone
    ! For the seasons will only last a moment
    A moment that stretches through all time
    The years all lead into an augment
    Upon our life and through our prime
    ! The path behind us is grey
    Even though we march in day
    For the realms care not for sight
    ! Forwards, we trudge on
    Regardless of dawn
    As we must create our own light
    ! Dark and light, a battle is eternal
    Not to be separated with a wall
    Forgotten now those stories in the past
    Unless we look on, our family can't last
    ! All I ask, you forgive
    For the rest, you must live
    And guide those true to grow
    ! In the grey, we will find
    We must take pride and rescind
    And so the lands begin to glow
    ! Can I ask that you set aside your feuding?
    Recall that you all see askew
    Instead of fights, be there peace
    And foster hope, to increase
    That promise for one land.

    Instrumental only


    ! Four years ago, my father said
    He'd take a deal without a plan
    And then the ink began to turn to red
    Claimed his life, a worn out man
    ! And so the curse to me brought
    For a will be done by others' means
    One curse lifted, another wrought
    As the lands turned back to honest greens
    ! One small piece of parchment
    To stop that darkened road
    Saving that which survived has meant
    My will be lost, a hidden mode
    ! Turn those words against him
    Deny to him his ways
    Desperation cut view to trim
    Forgotten in his gloried daze
    ! So I travel to reforge my home
    A new town with new horizons to view
    The grey brick road, the sea's white foam
    A new chance at life to pursue
    ! But those words, they try and turn again
    A man of dark, hidden intent
    He wanted a binding to those words then
    And, with regret, I did consent
    ! But words to twist upon once more
    For access to that corrupting mind
    To show what may not've been seen before
    And earn freedom without the binds
    ! A light, a love, a promise true
    Reached out to lift the mask away
    The skies once dark, a brighter hue
    And give hope to me for a different day
    ! But storms, they spoil the best of times
    Those purple clouds will break the skies
    In the end, my gales created the climes
    But more than me pays for my disguise
    ! A vision bleak, a voice in force
    Demands that I keep to the law
    Defined on parchment, my remorse
    And he took her in his icy paw
    ! In that nightmarish divine lair
    Heft him through, single stroked
    For the world cannot compare
    Without her, flames of life are stoked
    ! Power lost, was in the end our goal
    To break the words by his own choice
    I claimed back my own soul
    And now I cannot hear his voice
    ! I turn instead, the one more dear
    Her words, her ways, the path of life
    It now feels like my blood is clear
    Of contagion, corruption, and strife
    ! In the end, I lost, but not all
    With time, I can still redeem
    The ways once promised, if I stand tall
    And show the world what our hearts seam

    Maria's Era


    ! Little bird, in your nest. Where have all your sisters gone?
    Did they fly or did they flee? For danger still comes for thee.
    In the darkness, serpent whole, dreams are lost upon lost soul.
    Redemption just a dance away. Yet you fear to pave the way.
    Starry nights to clear bright skies. Greyest day to green twilight.
    Forgotten how the path is hold. For you cannot be the mould.
    In time dim candlelight, strikes it way across the plains.
    A simple guide, lost in fog, will you chase through salted bog.
    The path is hard, lost the way. Leave behind your home.
    The ties once forged will soon be broke. Another soul releases hope.
    Enter now, release your strength. Give in to those lies you hear.
    When you compromise your light, then you blur and lose bright.
    The path alone, you cannot walk. Give up now, your wasteful talk.
    Claimed be, and claimed naught. For one is dead, the other wrought.

    Green Mist Prayer

    ! This stirring quiet
    The winds are softer
    The air is warmer
    In green mist turn
    ! Forgotten promise
    To lead us onwards
    The path of retakes
    Towards the plains
    ! We stand in hope now
    Leave the past behind us
    Stride with courage
    These trails complete
    ! Circle unbroken
    Shining golden
    Harmony's call
    Return to earth
    ! The forest waking
    And fluttering wings
    With soaring freedom
    Rebirth now young
    ! The old is taking
    What is left behind
    To strike a future
    Turn to white skies
    ! We ask a prayer
    Please cleanse our hearts
    Those fights we hated
    Forgive our wrongs
    ! Circle unbroken
    Shining golden
    Harmony's call
    Return to earth
    ! Spanning the greenlands
    A gale in full force
    The darkened sky roars
    It seeks new blood
    ! It all must fall through
    With life, an ending
    For the changes
    Cycle the worlds
    ! We plead for peace times
    After our transgressions
    Regretful silence
    Shakes the land
    ! Circle unbroken
    Shining golden
    Harmony's call
    Return to earth
    ! Ride through the thickets
    Shelter from the breeze
    A moment heated
    By love and joy
    ! That verdant aura
    So wild and wondrous
    Know the watchers
    Unbridled be
    ! We share a lifetime
    And open our hearts
    To stride in passage
    And guide us home
    ! Circle unbroken
    Shining golden
    Harmony's call
    Return to earth
    ! The strength yet courses
    And still beseeching
    Beat on our heartaches
    Returning life
    ! To err forgiven
    A cry so daring
    Flight of clarity
    The unified
    ! We sing our restraints
    Await our judgment
    Look on in valiance
    Accept our fate
    ! Circle unbroken
    Shining golden
    Harmony's call
    Return to earth

    Wandering Goddess's Wrath

    ! A wandering goddess did walk the land,
    wondering where her faith did stand.
    And into the river, there came to course,
    a young little lover and his fine horse.
    Hi there, hey there, forgotten scenes to hear.
    Now then, go there, remember to hold dear.
    ! The man on his way, blind to the day,
    that fate would intervene.
    Sang praise to the waters, a smooth journey waits.
    And a wink at the more…shapely shipmates.
    Hi there, hey there, forgotten scenes to hear.
    Now then, go there, remember to hold dear.
    ! The goddess, now scorned, with wrathful ire
    Tore the sky asunder, set wood on fire
    A thunderous bang, the ship split in twain
    Splintered rails fell on the horse's mane
    Hi there, hey there, forgotten scenes to hear.
    Now then, go there, remember to hold dear.
    ! The man, in the chaos, took ahold of a girl
    And from the hull, the two were hurled
    He made way to shore, the wench holding on
    The goddess, upon seeing his fight, her heart was won
    Hi there, hey there, forgotten scenes to hear.
    Now then, go there, remember to hold dear.
    ! They traveled fast to shore, with the water flow
    Those who had been lost, those who swam in the fiery glow
    All swept to land, as the goddess's tears became a force
    For her faithful was true, and remained a goodly source
    Hi there, hey there, forgotten scenes to hear.
    Now then, go there, remember to hold dear.
    ! So listen now, take this story to heed
    For what you see, may not be what you need
    Place trust in the true, hope in their heart
    For we live in chaos, each day a fresh start
    Hi there, hey there, forgotten scenes to hear.
    Now then, go there, remember to hold dear.

    Syclya's Era

    The Prophecy (Based off Fin Gaillon's prophecy in T.A. Barron's Lost Years of Merlin series)

    ! On the evening that quickens
    The year's shortest night
    This land will be suffering
    The Fugue Plane's blight
    For spirit and mortal,
    True sighted and blind,
    There comes a battle
    Of ultimate kind.
    ! At the circle of shadows
    A gate has appeared
    And worlds out of balance
    Are driven with fear
    When dawn's light caresses
    The darkness enclosed
    The heroes shall stand
    Their dreams been opposed
    ! If times long forgotten
    Are revealed once more
    And the most ancient of enemies
    Stand together once more
    Then all through the heavens
    A voice will sound out
    With the Balance restored
    And the Weave whole about
    ! Yet missives, more likely,
    Are fatally cursed-
    All hope torn asunder
    For chaos is versed
    Then over the heavens
    True horror shall fall
    The shortest of evenings
    Now dusk's last recall
    ! Beware, you that join
    To prevent this cause
    Your sacrifices great
    May break the laws
    For times may occur
    So laden with cost
    When all truly gained
    Is yet truly lost

    Slander Poetry - Poetry NSFW

    ! > Immeril, the young boy had but a little toy
    He'd whip it out and all about and found that it wasn't coy
    For you see the size was a bit too small inside the open hall
    The mockery he was bound to find could even wake a thrall

    And then with passing came one day when the boy ran into a pretty fae
    Clothed he was, but promised high, that she would have fun with him if she lay
    But the sun soon set and with the fresher night, he tried a display of all his might
    Sadly his little toy was not able to grant her a strong delight

    A satyr came upon the two and offered a better prize to view
    And acquiescing to her request, he set to show the boy his due
    Thicker than an oak root alone and sturdier than an ancient stone
    Little Immeril realized that he would never have such a bone
    ! > Small friend 'tween Immeril's legs
    At whorehouses he must beg
    For it is tiny
    A pale weak hiney
    And his nads are just nutmegs
    ! > Immeril's a stink
    Promising years of pink
    And instead shorts time sink
    ! > Immeril's a joke
    An inexperienced bloke
    On him you can't choke
    ! > For the wood in the forest
    Every man's dream
    Yet there are only dryads

    Leave them to be
    If you want a good time
    Forget the city's boredom
    Even the weak elf lord's wood
    ! > Oh come now, young elf lord
    Couldn't you take a prank?
    These words you spread, and now we hoard
    How deep has your pride sank?

    Amusing still how little cloth you brought
    To meet the challenge words
    Are you trying to make up for phrases sought
    That flew upon bluebirds?

    It's clear you just can't take it slow
    Or is it you finish too fast?
    To strip to underwear with the flow
    You probably cannot last.

    Unrepenting Light

    ! Come to me, my promised ones, the lights are in the sky.
    The cooling days bring news of rest and so we must stand by.
    Lay down your bows, lay down your blades, and soon the snows shall pass.
    Come to hearth and come to home and take from the cauldron brass.
    For you see we cannot lie forever, in the darkness alone.
    The binds we wear will drag us forth and sing the world our tone.
    Look for the nighttime skies are shining. Sing for their melodies are true.
    Pray that you will find it warming. Cry for the lonely and the few.

    Sun in the Soul - Based on Awakening

    ! With the heavens silvered and dim
    The endless sighs of a quiet hymn
    And the world encased in a dream
    At the end of it all a gleam
    In the threshold between day and night
    ! At the edge of the horizon
    The lands will come to life
    A flicker of gold across the sky
    Burning away the night
    Soaring true and bright
    Embracing the lands with gentle light
    ! Cresting the mountains
    A disk of hope will rise
    Breaking through the cold with radiance
    Swinging sweet cants
    A joyful morning dance
    Tempting one into a blissful trance
    ! With the ascending electrum mists unfolding
    And the beauty that had been withholding
    Reveals itself under the dawn
    As our dreamers look on
    And awaken from the night
    ! Look beyond the dark and endless seas
    For it welcomes untrained and expertise
    Let the nightmares fade away
    As the hour approaches full day
    And see the world in light
    ! At the edge of the horizon
    The lands will come to life
    A flicker of gold across the sky
    Burning away the night
    Soaring true and bright
    Embracing the lands with gentle light
    ! Cresting the mountains
    A disk of hope will rise
    Breaking through the cold with radiance
    Swinging sweet cants
    A joyful morning dance
    Tempting one into a blissful trance

    Divine Gift of Freedom - Poetry

    ! i am finally free
    of chains repression
    the allure of it hurts
    i cannot withstand
    sharp sense
    yet it lingers longing
    a sweet touch scent taste
    my arts are shifting it
    martial magic with
    i am sore and wanting
    but it overwhelms
    To rebuild myself
    To recall what I am
    my blood is alive
    the lands skies seas breathing
    their timeless power
    sets me aflame unhurt
    artistry in motion
    to feel the grace of life
    a glamour or not
    it is within my sense

    Valor's Era

    Pathfinder's Chant

    ! The light the shine upon the day is proof that we can never lose our way. The paths we walk and trails we stride won't end until we have given up or died. Our voice as one and one to sing in the end we all bow to the forest king.

    Song of the Trees - Based on the description of the Silvanite ritual
    Instrumental only

    A Pass at Rethil - Poem

    ! Fine maiden of the moon
    Your laughter such a welcoming tune
    Warm delight in your hair of the sky
    Your wrath, I cannot deny
    I'd rather see a smile when I look at you
    And see that our relationship remains good
    I don't with you harm, truly, I don't
    Having your anger at me I can't stand, I won't.
    I can only plead my apologies
    From the heart of one from the trees
    I wish to show my sincerity
    Won't you please smile at me?

    Wings of a Shattered Soul - Based on "Fake Wings" from .hack//sign
    Instrumental only

    Bounty Posted - Poems
    Narrative Rap Battle

    Areru's Era


    ! Can you hear the words on the wind?
    Heralding change as spring sets in
    The flowers open up and bloom for a while
    Cold hearts thaw and begin to smile
    ! But forgotten words hang
    With their long past pain
    And the shadow grow long
    With the season's song
    ! Can you hear the crash of the waves?
    Announcing the warmth that summer craves
    Lighten the load and relax in midday
    I can only remember what the people say
    ! But forgotten words hang
    With their long past pain
    And the shadow grow long
    With the season's song
    ! Can you hear the rustle of the trees?
    Publicizing that the chill reprieves
    A clean, cool air that rests the land
    Slumber now, hand in hand
    ! But forgotten words hang
    With their long past pain
    And the shadow grow long
    With the season's song
    ! Can you hear the howling gales?
    Burying mountains and freezing vales
    Silverscape like a fantastical dream
    The land is cold while it sparkles and gleams
    ! But forgotten words hang
    With their long past pain
    And the shadow grow long
    With the season's song
    ! One life is over, another's begun
    The harvest moon rises once the year is done
    Is it merely just the same?
    Or perhaps we simplify in our attempt to tame
    ! Those old words lost at the edge of time
    And impossible cliff to try to climb
    But perhaps to remember, we must learn
    And so set the cycle once more to turn
    ! But forgotten words hang
    With their long past pain
    And the shadow grow long
    With the season's song

    Justine's Era

    Dollmaker, Dollbreaker

    ! Dance around the forgotten land
    Forever alone shall eternal stand
    Frilly pink tulle dresses and silken bows
    In defiance of the erring path she chose
    ! To defy their logic, gears break into trill
    Cogs spin out, for ringing peace shall instill
    Inspire the change to revolution
    Made is unmade into a solution
    ! Clicking, ticking, cuckoo, tock
    Time will pass, unwind the clock
    Out of tempo, please no one
    Desynchronize senses none
    ! Marionettes spin, their beautiful waltz
    Hidden graceful behind their smiles false
    Pawns of the game, nothing they know can see
    That twirling on beat shall prevent will free
    ! I hear the ticking of those clockwork gears
    Time yet turns unbounded in the crystal spheres
    The makers see their own world will be lost
    For to make a life comes at a steep cost
    ! Clicking, ticking, cuckoo, tock
    Time will pass, unwind the clock
    Out of tempo, please no one
    Desynchronize senses none
    ! Fate may temper or it may be reforge
    Decide the easy path or hardened gorge
    Fit the casting mold and follow in line
    In doing so, can never claim as mine
    ! The three-step picks up yet faster
    Does the mistress lead or does the master?
    She must decide, fate in her hands alone
    To risk her life, to sin with ribbons thrown
    ! Drunken on speed of life
    Freedom will be worth the strife
    Dolls once danced on command
    Now shatter the maker's hand

    Moral of the Story - Poem

    ! On this dark and stormy night
    (How cliché for such a sight)
    A hopeful crowd gathered still
    (If only they knew what they’d kill)
    ! Assortment of trials, trophies placed
    (Internal battles fought and disgraced)
    The light left knowing what had been wrought
    (A shame upon the lead, purity bought)
    ! Realized the fool, but it was too late
    (No man can hold back the strings of fate)
    All that’s left was to give up himself
    (And place his mistake upon the shelf)
    ! A martyr visitor attended, grim and great
    (For he was justifiably irate)
    And claimed from the director his divine link
    (For in his pride, trained to rethink)
    ! A man now fallen, forgotten path
    (For he suffered the being’s wrath)
    Is humbled once more again
    (For now he walks with mortal men)
    ! He did succeed, with some mirth
    (And that still was of great worth)
    A risk taken paid off yet
    (Even though his faith beset)
    ! And now the lesson to be taught
    (Surely these words weren’t for naught)
    Know the way your goods are made
    Or else be destroyed by your trade

    Mother's Song

    ! When the world grows cold and memories blend
    You may grow old but it is not the end
    The skies will shine in miracle days
    But the dreams are mine in their thousand ways
    ! You are not alone as these memories bind us
    More than muscle and bone remember what I was
    The path may be long but I'll walk at your side
    Within you are strong more than any tide
    ! Call upon me and I will be there
    In memory I will always care
    Our hearts remember that warmth and love
    That comforting ember and spring's dove
    ! Carry it along as I've done for you
    And the soul's song will sing true
    A smile shared is the true way
    For who cared is the revealing ray

    Salamander - Poem

    ! A cool evening for the salamander
    On the hunt for insect blood
    What is the hunter and who the mark
    For he hunts in both green and mud
    ! “Hark, he calls,” in apparent denial,
    “I ask that you look at my home desert
    And see that I have no other choice
    My teeth are dull, my thirst inert.”
    ! “Not only that, I am your protector.
    Follow my voice or these lands shall be yours!
    Keep me alive and stray from your nest
    Or else you’ll all suffer hunger!” he assures.
    ! The slimy lizard has a slick tongue
    Some of the bugs follow him in flight
    Leaving their nests built by time
    They head off into the lonely night
    ! No need to say how this story will end
    The fools who follow soon become prey
    It’s important to note the lesson within:
    Read as I do, not as I say

    Rose's Era

    Lost (WIP)

    ! Where has the starlight gone?
    Dark is the night
    Hang me a light
    To my way home
    ! Where has the sunset gone?
    Dusk wears a veil
    I'll mark you a trail
    To your way home
    ! And know that the night will end
    And that the sun will rise
    Cuts through the greying skies
    Together our lives will wend

    The Word

    ! When the word and sound become one
    What was once spoken becomes a song
    And creates the language of flight
    Give me eternity and I'll give you freedom
    ! The melody that leads home to reality
    Were those ethereal moments a passing vision?
    A celestial staff with notes of purity
    But time leads back to where I came
    ! The lights of the city below shimmer
    By the shining flame, people share tales
    A cool wind blows, caressing all
    And singing a lullaby to the children
    ! Hope may be a waking dream
    But do not let it scare you
    If you're not afraid of heights
    Together, we shall fly
    ! The colors of the world
    Dance at our fingertips
    The people we meet
    Are ever-changing, ever-loving
    ! And history may shine through
    The gaps of those no longer
    Keep looking forward
    And keep the word in heart

    Castles of Glass

    ! The tides rise on our journey
    Cover the metallic prints with soot
    Burning wood from the river
    Piles in silver ash
    ! Build a castle in the sand
    Let it dry
    Set aflame
    Pressure unbeaten
    Shatters into glass
    ! Fight for tomorrow
    Let no breath be your last
    Conquer the world
    Conquer your fate
    And fall in the crystal shards
    ! The lands are warm
    The hearts are cold
    Fingers claw at your heels
    ! Mistakes were made
    And strength was lost
    What was paid for was the cost
    ! Oh those pillars of crystal
    Create lances at dawn
    Broken and bright
    The image refracted
    ! Battle your way up
    Hand holds cut
    A moment of reprieve
    Before the summit

    Evergreen Kiss

  • Castle of Glass added for Zeht Malooc (khamal)

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