[Are You Ready for a Better Militia?]

  • [A series of posters and pamphlets go out among the various message boards about town…]

    Are you ready to help build a better Arabel?

    For too long has the Arabel Militia been seen as corrupt, ineffectual, wracked with internal politics and too beholden to outside forces. Are you ready to help change that?

    Do you want to see a Militia that will stop at nothing to make your life in Arabel as safe and prosperous as it can be? A Militia that cares more about your security than which noble house is paying them the most? Are you ready to help change that?

    Are you ready for an end of Purple Dragons marching through the streets, making arrests and bothering the good common folk when they're better used fighting the next orc tribe that's moved into the Hullack?

    Are you ready for reforms to the city that will help everyone and anyone have the same chance at a fair ruling? For a more accessible lawbook that's kept current and relevant to your daily lives?

    If you answered 'yes' to any of these, stop the next friendly militiaman you see, and tell them that you support Wileon Bertson for Warden of the Militia.

  • Admin [DM]

    [Many citizens chatter about this halfling potential for warden. He has the stout support of almost every halfling citizen in Arabel, Temmon's place offering discounts for those who shout "Bertson for Warden!" before purchasing anything.]

  • Half-orcs, half-elves, hin and gnomes! Are you sick of being glared at twice? At wondering whether or not you're protected by the law the same way a human is?

    Make no mistake, Warden Bertson would have your back. All citizens of Cormyr, no matter what race or creed, will be protected the same way, by the same peace officers, and the same laws. For everyone.

  • [A prominent poster of a man in a militia uniform and a dwarven guard standing back to back against a faceless horde of shadows; it would seem Bertson's campaign is attracting more than simply writers, now. Underneath is a large caption, with smaller slogans beneath.]


    Help make Arabel a place any Dwarf is proud to call his home, brothers in arms against the worst scum of Old Town! He built your walls, and soon he'll watch them, too!

  • [These posters are kept fresh despite Bertson's victory, evidently in the interest of attracting more recruits… perhaps even amongst the non-human races.]

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