Pit Requests

  • Please don't use the pit as a sentence for a single person… the spawns down there are too much for one person, especially a lowbie, at times. I'm pretty much looking at never getting out because as a level 2, there is nothing down there I can fight without dying. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE use the punishments like the stocks or the legion when there is only one person being punished.

  • Pits pretty much broken again. I've been down there in the pit 5-6 times. This is the most number enemy spawns I've seen in all those times. I counted 3-4 ankhegs, 3 giant spiders, 6-8 myrmidons, and 1 basilisk. That is a massive number of spawns.

    You simply have to log off when there are that many things. You literally can't win. I feel like the spawns have been toyed with again.

  • The pit is supposed to be the lesser punishment compared to the legion Icly but greater than the stocks. Legionnaire means DEATH if you dont shape up. It's not the conservation core.

    Also I think I would remember throwing thunes current character in the pit since it would be a small party. You got pitted recently?

    I was in the pit last month and sometimes things didn't even spawn.

    Definitely needs a looking at. Not working as intended.

  • Yes, the legion is a far worse punishment. I'm sure someone will help you out if you are struggling really bad, Latok. Also, I like the pit, but some of the spawns may need adjustments such as making certain spawns unique in mobs and other minor adjustments.

  • I reported a few broken spawns there recently, one included a myrmidon queen >.>

  • Maybe hold off sentencing folks to the pit until the spawns are looked at and ajusted?

  • Hasn't that been done at least once before?

  • The irony is that the less people use the pit the harder it is to fix.

    Take a few for the team. 😉

  • I came out ahead on exp by a fair margin when I was down there as Soppi. Trick is to know when to run like hell…. through I think making invisibility pots a little more common might help down there.

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