The Razing of Hillmarch

  • Already the Primordial Flame has spared precious Earthsblood to cleanse the Hillmarch, but with the cooling of the volcano and shattering of its faces wrought by the Helmlands we all must see that this is not enough. Hillmarch has become utterly infested and is under invasion by the blights of the Redwood still! Yet it is kept in check, for now. The efforts of the fey and oathtakers have kept the corruption of the Helmlands from pushing past Hillmarch, though it is only a matter of time until it continues to roll through into the eastern wildlands.

    An active effort must be made to oppose the gluttonous growth of the cursed Helmlands. Even those of Arabel cannot deny its danger as the northern face of your city is under its threat, and soon the east beginning to make its way to devour your settlement like so many others it has already consumed. We must raze the blight from the Hillmarch region. The purifying fires of the phoenix must wash over all of the corrupt, defiled, unholy plague bearing lifeforms and incinerate them all. Its touch shall heal what struggles to grow and maintain its health and shall reduce all that has become compromised to ashes that they might fertilize new healing growth.

    By blaze the tainted will be purged so that the pure may stand strong in their guardianship.

    Prepare yourselves, all who see the threat of the Helmlands, and all who wish to be more than passive observers to its growth. If you will take a proactive step to save your land and your life prepare offerings to give unto the Primordial Flame. Gifts of magic that may be returned to the weave, trophies of your conquest, works made in the heat of flame, and all things combustable. This shall be the first of many steps of resistance, and the holy flames will ROAR our defiance in the face of corruption.

    Firekeeper Mora Bens

    // Sometime on the 22nd of April

  • [About the stone dolmen in Hillsmarch the charred remains of blighted trees and twigs burn for days with more offerings of grains, herbs and flowers upon the ritual node. More recently however symbols have begun to appear painted across the stone in a paste mixed of blood and ashes]

    In Druidic:

    Glorious ressurection
    Crucible of flame
    In the ashes of the vanquished
    Life is born again

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