News and rumors from around Faerun

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  • The western Heartlands- After the fall of darkhold, the city states and villages along the dusk road have come together under the banner of the city state of Elturel. The chief ambassador that lead the movement to make this happen, Sir Chadwick Stine, is said to be often heard mentioning an Elf that came with the Cormyreans mistakenly referring to Elturel as Elturgard and how he liked the sound of it so much he has called the growing nation by the name often. The trend seems to be catching on.

    The war between the Shade and Zhentil Keep-In a sudden and somewhat concerning move, Zhentil Keep has removed its forces from both the Anauroch and the stonelands, retreating back to the keep. The war still rages, but the keep will be extremely difficult for the shadovar to take anytime soon. The real question is what does this mean for the rest of the world, now that the war has condensed to one area freeing up the shade empire's resources.

    The Dales-A new mercenary company seemingly arose to power out of nowhere in the once lawless town of Scardale, and seems to be on the move toward spreading its power throughout the dales. Considering the speed in which the company rose to power, and the seemingly endless resources, many think that they have to be backed by Sembia.

  • The Dalelands-The fallenstar mercenary company, not to be confused with the order of the Fallenstar that has recently cropped up in arabel, has begun to spread its influence out of Scardale. They not only control Featherdale, but have recently sacked Harrowdale town and move to control the rest of Harrowdale as you read this.

    Sembia has moved forces into Tassledale, but whether they plan to stymie the spread of the mercenaries or join them is still anyone's guess. Archendale also mobilized forces, heading north into the normally peaceful Deepingdale.

    Both Tassledale and Archendale have a long standing relationships with Sembia, and coupled with the suspected relationship between the Sembians and the Fallenstar Mercenary Company many have begun to suspect this to be a Sembian take over of the dales.

    Thay-Not much in the way of rumor tends to leave Thay, as the private nation does not offer much to those not observant and those that are know better then to speak ill of the red wizards. Recently however, internal conflict between the Zulkirs has become such a strain on the nation that it would be impossible for even the most dense of caravan driver to not take note.

  • The dales war rapidly spirals towards a close, with Archendale being pushed out of Deepingdale with the liberation of High Moon. The coalition of Cormyr and the northern dales has begun the march on Scardale, the only strong hold left of the three southern armies. The Purple Dragons are expected to return home to Cormyr victorious by the end of the Month.

    In local news, a halfling woman named Tiarra Tinderfoot found the long hunted Crown of Lord Ballstar. It sold at an auction for nearly 70 thousand coins to a collector.

  • It has been said that a Militia Private from the town of Portsmouth has been asking around bars and pubs in Arabel, seeking Adventurers to aid him and his town.

    Last word he brings is that the town is over run with Zombies

    He has a boat taking those that seek to aid or seeking fortune and glory via a row boat near the East gate by the waters edge. Those that listen to his tale say that he has sent many but none have returned.

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  • @sandman said in News and rumors from around Faerun:

    It has been said that a Militia Private from the town of Portsmouth has been asking around bars and pubs in Arabel, seeking Adventurers to aid him and his town.

    Last word he brings is that the town is over run with Zombies

    He has a boat taking those that seek to aid or seeking fortune and glory via a row boat near the East gate by the waters edge. Those that listen to his tale say that he has sent many but none have returned.

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    After Myrmeen Lhal's retirement as Warden of the North, she disappears from public entirely. Words spread that the nephew of her late husband Lord Haverstrom Lhal has been given the leadership of the house in her stead, with his family and house in Suzail it looks unlikely that the new Lord will come to Arabel any time soon. What the legendary Myrmeen Lhal is up to that is so important she must leave all her duties behind, nobody knows.

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    Various camps of the Purple Dragons have settled comfortably in the Stonelands, with Lord Paertrover cooperation through Ruha with the local Bedine tribes it has been relatively safe. However, words spread like wildfire of Shadovar Spies and supporters hiding among the general population seeking to harm the work of the beloved King Azoun V. Already three Shadovar assassins and four Shadovar spies have been executed within Cormyr and the Dalesland, and the numbers are only expected to rise.

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    Words spread of bloody battles between the Shadovar and Cormyrian forces, in the past week. Many brave women and men has already fallen, but with the fine leadership of the Purple Dragon Knights and Lord Paertrover they remain vigilant. Myth Drannor has recently suffered from several Shadovar attacks, for reasons unknown. Yet, with words spreading of Arabel too suffering from similar assaults fear spreads in Cormyr that the Shadovar will undermine Cormyr whilst the bulk of the army march towards Thultanthar.

  • Word and reports come in about bandits attacking caravans and those travelling the roads in the area around Tilver's Gap. Some say these are soldiers that were never paid after the Dale wars and are now seeking to get there pay in other ways.

    Most think that they are no good thugs, that are taking what is not there's.

    Refugees again are seen moving in and out of the boarders of Cormyr. Some are being taken in by locals and others are telling them in no certain terms to move on, it is a talking point in taverns and local councils.

  • A large crowd gathered in the Central district, as Lord Hawklin declared the Warforged citizens of Cormyr and freed them from Hardcastle's Factory. The mechanical beings roam around the city, to the dismay and horror of many, and the curiosity of many more, as they plan how they can use this new resource..

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    Along the Moonsearide, many farmers and local landowners are most pleased to hear that Lord Patricia Mertoi has gifted her landholdings along the Moonsearide to Lord Cuthbert Hawklin. The more knowing citizens would also be mentioning that this gift, also include the scandalized Mertoi Hunting Lodge, which is currently inhabited by House Rowanmantle. In general, most are simply pleased that a Banite no longer holds land close to the North Western borders. Whilst more paranoid citizen debate eagerly over the reasons why, with wild theories being raised left and right with little confirmation of being valid or not.

  • Rumor spreads that Lord Edith Wyvernspur was pointedly not invited to a ball hosted by Lord Culspiir; this was seen by many as a great insult to the entire family and a mark of displeasure from a powerful nobleman; whispers abound through high society as to the cause of this clear slight.

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    Caravans, travelers and some even claim Purple Dragons have begun to go missing along Cormyr's Northern border..

    In the Western part of Wyvernwater, words are spreading among sailors of five fishing vessels being dragged into the sea during a unusual storm.

  • Rumors swirl around Cormyr following an election to appoint a city chancellor in the town of Arabel. Many noblemen, are aghast at King Azoun V's deference toward this city's rebellious demands for greater autonomy and claim it is out of favor to his young wife, the grand-daughter of Myrmeen Lhal and Lord Dauneth Marliir; Nalara. Others openly condemn the king, claiming he intends to revoke the ancestral rights of the landed nobility in favor of his strange notions of equality and democracy. Some even whisper that Lord Hawklin's opposition to these sensibilities resulted in his decision to grant lands to Lord Bhaliir and the position of warden to Elestra Thundersword.

    In Arabel though, the election is greeted with good cheer. Many ambitious business owners and merchant families viewed Elodie Ledoux as a chance for the townsfolk to rise to greater prominence in a city that had once again fallen under the command of a Suzailian-backed aristocracy; but many also whisper that the city's large population of former Thayan slaves were widely supportive of Elodie and sold the city out to Thayan interests.

    Many now hold their breath, wondering what the future will hold for the city--curious if the new Chancellor will fail and allow the clearly ambitious Lord Hawklin to clean up the mess, improving his own status even further in the eyes of the nation's elite.

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    The supply chain between Arabel and the war front remain compromised, with the lingering presence of Lizardfolks on the road few caravans dare to venture the route North. This has now become evident at the front line, which is reporting a rising number of causalities. Adventurers have searched the roads and culled a small number of Lizardfolks, but in the Starwater area the lizard numbers only seem to be rising.

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    The dead trees and fauna on Undead Isle has begun to twitch.

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    To the shock of many, High Priestess Rethil is escorted back to Evereska after being rescued by a band of adventurers as the village of Arael faded away. No traces remain of the village nor great Elm Tree, the High Priestess lacking any memory of her time as Baroness of its court. With no shrine in Arabel no more, Rethil decides to remain for the rest of her days in Evereska and catch up on what has happened during her two year long absence.

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    Harvesters of the Sun and Earth have begun their journey from the fields of Eveningstar, joining the druids are a handful of local Lathandrites and volunteers. They are expected to arrive to Tilverton in two days time after a brief stop in Arabel.

  • Several prominent wizards and astronomers have recently traveled to Candlekeep including the Grand Patriarch of the Church of Oghma, many scholars claim something to do with the prophecies of Alaundro is afoot.

    In other news, the Shadovar have begun to move massive amounts of forces toward Zhentil Keep; while the Zhentarim are bragging openly that the power of Bane is now so great that they shall destroy the city of Thultanthar itself.

    Many in Cormyr wonder what this will mean for their own war efforts; should their greatest enemies begin to focus exclusively against one another.