Bounty Hunting - Paying for information

  • I'm seeking to study the Bounty Monsters in the lands near Arabel. There will be 200 lyons rewarded for every confirmed sighting of a Bounty Monster on this list (meaning I must confirm that the monster is in the area).

    The Sewer Beast
    Giant Wyvern
    Golden Crocodile
    Hag of Windfall
    Son of Sands
    Ancient Dire Polar Bear
    Colossal Owlbear
    Shadow Spider
    Black Unicorn
    Monstrous Werecrocodile
    Hillmarch Smoke
    Corrupted Water Elemental
    Insidious Illithid

    Please note, I am looking to hunt these creatures and claim their trophies. If the hunt is successful, I will double the Bounty Reward that the Bounty Master would have rewarded.

    Scout Valor Pyrre

  • The posters are refreshed.

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