The story of The Shadows Bane

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    The story of The Shadows Bane & the Adventurers of Silver, Rose & The Golem
    By Emilia Birdsong

    Chapter 1: The Legend
    Legends tell of a time, long ago, before The Gods were returned to walk the world of mortals, before the elves lived in the Wolfswood, a pair o twins lived. The two were as different as light and day. One, beautiful to behold, but rotten to the core within, the other, only homely in appearance, yet her heart pure as silver. One day, a travelling halfling came to the home of the twins, seeking to steal a little token he could take with him as he journeyed on. As he gazed upon the twins, he saw past the glamour, and fell madly in love with the twin with the silver heart. The first twin, mad in anger and jealousy, sought to curse the halfling, yet the good hearted sister stood in her way, shielding the halfling from the magic of the first.

    The second twin, and the halfling felt madly in love, for their souls were so alike. The halfling asked the silver hearted twin to accompany him on his travel, yet she had to decline. While the woman loved the thrill of adventure, she had a duty to her people, and had to stay home. So the halfling would travel forth, returning each time with stories of boldness, of mischief and bravery. So pure of spirit the halfling's heart was, that he, a thief, stole the heart of the woman. Time passed, and the halfling's travels would take him further, and further away, yet he would always return, and she would always reward him for his stories, favor him because their spirits were so alike.

    One day, the halfling, in his brief stay at the woman's home, told her that a friend of his had been lost to shadow, and while he dreaded the land his friend was lost to, he had to attempt a rescue. And so the woman gave the halfling a sword, and named it Shadows Bane. "With this in your hand, you shall always be able to find me, even in the deepest darkness".

    The sword was a token of the twins affection, but the halfling already had her heart, and so, after he had finished his business in the shadows, left the sword behind, so that her favor would come to others who might need assistance to do battle in the shadows. Inscribed upon the sword, were the words, "For you, I would do everything".*

    *Authors note: Or so the legends go, at least. The names, Tymora, Besheba and Brandobaris have appeared in similar folks lore legends, as the one of the sword.

    Chapter 2: The recovery
    Precisely how the sword came to fall in the hands of Grin the explorer, we can only speculate. But of how Grin came to find it, we know much more.
    Grin, and his two companions, Rose and Silver, had found a magical mirror, deep within the Underdark. Large, oval shaped and with its own foot, all Grin knew was that it was ancient. But Grin also found out, that the mirror was a gateway to the Shadow realm. And what Gnome of his right mind, would not travel to such a place.
    Grin cannot remember how he activated the mirror, only that he did. And as they travelled the lands of shadow, they eventually came upon a cage. Grin, when he tells the story himself, says that all in the lands of Shadow, is made of shadow substance. Shadow trees, shadow fruit, shadow chairs and shadow water. And eventually, as they travelled, a shadow Cage, with a mortal man, crazed, sitting in it. The mortal man, said he had put flame to a torch, a crime punishable by death, and been caged in punishment. But he had only done so, because his companion, Nigi, had touched a shadow, and had died from the touch. Her body had then been carried away by shadows, into a tomb.
    The three friends, brave and bold to boot, travelled into the crypt the crazed man believed Nigi had been taken, and here found malevolent shadows. They had fought their way through, but had not dared to use any light.

    At the bottom of the crypt, a machine, of gnome design had been uncovered, at its foot, the entire floor filled with piles upon piles of gnome bones. A little shadow her emerged, and had tried to touch Grin through Grins Gnolem Armor. Eventually, Grin had summoned forth the power of the gnome deity Smoothhand, and the shadow vanished, its sentient shape lost to the void. As the rummaged the many dead bodies of gnomes, they found what appeared to be Nigi, clutching an expensive looking sword. Upon the sword, they could read the words, "For you, I would do everything".

    **Authors Note: The sword's last known wielder, is the minstrel Emilia Birdsong, a devoted servant of Tyche.

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