To: Thifur Thunderhammer

  • Honorable Prince Thifur, of Clan Thunderhammer,

    I have this morning signed a warrant for the arrest of Soppi, the halfling priestess.

    The reasons for this warrant are her apparent interest in working with Liches, and in her apparent intent to bomb or otherwise harm the Elvish shrine in Arabel.

    I am writing you this because, courtesy dictates for me, that you as her leige-lord (I think this is the term) have some manner of responsibility for her and so, I would not like for her to be simply taken off of the street, insulting your position in your people's government and kingdom, but that you should be able to have a say in her judgement, and, in her hearing. I will come and make these files available to you, so, that you can judge them properly.

    Would you please take her into your own custody and, I will come or, some other Private will come, and witness your peoples' decisions so as to make them legal with the City and be of some good advice, for you? Although the City Militia has absolute authority in this matter, it would not be proper or appropriate to deny you the opportunity to judge your own retainer.

    Thank you and, please get back to me when you are able.

    • Sergeant Jiang

  • Sergeant Jiang

    I will see that she is secured in my custody. I expect that accusations of these sorts of crimes are well backed with evidence, or witness testimony. I will not tolerate a criminal under my clan name. If these accusations happen to be true, the first thing I shall do is dismiss her from my service.

    In dwarven culture, merely being suspected of a crime is a grave dishonor, so I treat this letter with the utmost importance. We, as guests of Arabel, respect your laws and fully comply with them.

    -Thifur Thunderhammer

  • We will meet immediately and, when ever I have the time so that, we can explain and confer.

    • Sergeant Jiang