Letter: Brethern of the Reborn Sun, Dame Hilary [DM]

  • A letter sent with the offical seal of Clan Thunderhammer

    Greetings Dame,

    I write you this letter out of a desire that we may reach a mutually beneficial arrangement regarding an expedition to the Plane of Shadow. My men and I would benefit greatly if we could inspect your reliquary,and use some of the shadowbane weapons and armor for the duration of the journey. They will be returned upon completion of our journey.

    I am prepared to donate a sizeable tithe to your order in exchange for this, as well rare metals such as a bar of Celestial Silver, for your own crafts. The expedition is to occur soon, so I advise this offer is considered quickly.

    May your craft ever improve,

    Thifur Thunderhammer

  • Another letter follows soon afterwords with the official seal of Clan Thunderhammer and Clan Goldanvil a relatively unknown merchant clan.

    Dear Dame,

    I write this letter to you on behalf of Prince Thifur Thunderhammer. Word will soon reach you of the downfall of The Pereghost, Champion of Cyric and Lord of Darkhold. With his death also the rescue of Lady Winter of Eveningstar and a War Wizard of some high regard. Soon me and my kin will march once again in the name of good and Arabel, and for the refugees of Thunderholme who one day hope to retake there lost halls. As the Prince letter states we wish to march into the Plane of Shadow and bring light to this horrid place, leaving behind us the dead of our evil enemies. I ask that you share your reliquary with my kin so that we may more effectively lay waste to the foes soon to come. If you doubt our courage, I can tell you of the main times my people have served shield for Arabels attack. Prince Thifur and his retainers led the charge in the Hullack against many drow and werewolves. Along with the charge into Darkhold. If you doubt our capabilities I was the one who landed the final blow against The Pereghost with a great beam of sunlight I called through the very walls of the crypt with my bardic powers. If you lend us these arms, you can rest easy knowing that many a foul beast will be brought down, and that victoriously we will march back to Arabel, mission accomplished, with no small aid from the Lathanderites.

    May Vergadain smile on you.

    -Belinus of Clan Goldanvil, Retainer to Prince Thifur Thunderhammer-

  • Admin [DM]

    [The Knight-Commander puzzles over Belinus' letter, frowning…]

  • Dear Knight-Commander,

    I apologize for my first letter, I had a bit to drink and it would seem somebody was playing tricks on me involving a fight with that Pereghost fellow. Wanted to formalize an apologize for sending such a letter. Furthermore, I learned that I was to recommend Prince Thifurs letter for a mutually beneficial agreement to be reached involving some shadowbane weapondry. My name is Belinus Goldanvil, a merchant and warrior who has been in the region for some time fighting on the behalf of Arabel and the dwarven people. We plan a trip to the Shadow Plane and such arms would be of great assistance. Thank you for your time, and I am truely sorry about that gods awful letter I sent, I really was much to tired and a bit to drunk to be writing.

    -Belinus Goldanvil-