Reborn Sun

  • Grandmaster, Knights, Armiger, Footman.

    It has been brought to my attention that a temple dedicated to Shar is located in the ruin of Eastway. As I work to ward the surface of this cursed earth, I'd hoped to have the aid of some of your free forces. After the wards are in place, the surface structures will be vulnerable to attack.

    Shar, being in direct opposition to Lathander, should not be tolerated having a foothold on cormyrean soil during this Gods' War. A chance to further diminish the forces of darkness is upon us. First Cyric, now Shar, and then on to Clar Banda.

    I look forward to your response on this matter. I'm hoping the new trade route will enable your small, but elite, armed force to move with me and my order of Unproven.

    -Unproven Tsar Hicks.

  • Admin [DM]

    While we no doubt will assuredly lend aid to this cause, I am however curious-

    You call us heretics, and you ask for our aid? You were once a brother, and we parted amicably, yet you soil our good name in Slander and throw it through the muck. Understandably, be aware our theology is controversial, and even as we speak, the Church of Lathander and the Grandmaster are in debate over the finer points of the doctrine we preach. As such, this silence has deprived us of divine guidance, and we, the mortal vessels of the sun, must determine his will through pious faith and studious theology.

    Dame Hilary of Courtesy

  • I do call you heretics, yes.

    It is a Heresy in my eyes. So are the followers of the Three Fold God, but I'd not deny their goodly nature. Nor would I leave them to perish, or go unaided. If this wounds you, I'm sorry for your pain or perceived disrespect. But what you teach goes against anything I or any other Lathanderites have heard. One of the unnofficial priests of Lathander has joined The Unproven, and he confesses he does not know why you think the way you do.

    Is Torm less of a god in your eyes? Does Ilmater lack the maturity to be worshipped in full, as though he were a god-child? This is a slap in my face, if I must believe Torm is only a manifestation of Lathander, and his followers simply deluded and well meaning children who've yet to discover Lathander.

    This topic strains me. It causes me grief beyond measure that perhaps the only goodly order in the land views me as a rebellious child, and perhaps not a true paladin of the god of paladin's. If I'm mistaken, and somehow have stumbled into error regarding your message, I'll apologize publicly and personally to you. But you are a noble now, my apology would be as effective as a mouse apologizing to an eagle.

    My tongue is left a bit sour, and I hope you can understand why, Gransmaster.

    -Tsar Hicks