Pacts and Supernatural Entities

  • He Jiang-Xian, Sergeant of the Glorious and most Noble Arabel City Militia, goes back to where she found the old law records while looking for Property Laws and begins to sort through them looking for specific definitions of the Capital Crime of 'pacts', and the definition, specifically, of 'supernatural entities.'

    Upon finding several previous lawbooks, she sorts through, finding the most recent previous edition, and then asks whether the current 'Pacts' law represents, at all, some sort of updated 'Unholy Pacts' law from the year 1382, and whether 'supernatural entities' were still defined strictly as infernal and abyssal beings because, this is very confusing for her and, as she politely explains it's actually very important that she know, sorry, because it's important to the safety of the city and, could you please, because, it's important, thank you, and what is a pact, anyway, thank you?

    Because she had understood it as gaining some sort of, sorry again, sorcerous benefit or some thing like that.

  • The librarians politely remind He Jiang-Xian, scummy foreigner, that they are a library and not law school. However, they'd say it's common sense that anyone getting powers from beings that are not Gods are extremely suspect. After all, no goodly being would ever undermine a God's right to worshipers, yes? Yes. Damn foreigners coming into Arabel and taking our jobs. Should organize a protest.

  • Sgt. He Jiang Xian of course apologizes profusely and awkwardly, probably for just existing, and then mumbles things like 'but you have legal records, so' and 'common sense is not really common' and, stuff about the laws more or less.

    Is worship part of it, she would definitely ask?

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