Letter: Retainer Dhulir

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Retainer Dhulir

    I include my theorems on a method of limb graft with an augmented limb replacement.

    Firstly there is the consideration the body may reject the limb and thus it would not function properly being merely a well engineered construct fitted to the body. I believe this may be overcome by application of spells from the enchantment school during the grafting process to meld the mind into thinking the limb is a true part of the body.

    Secondly the limb would need to be powered several power sources present themselves as viable. The elemental essences that Lord Hardcastles equipment uses could be a power source or the eldritch sand of the helmlands. Mythalite is also an alternative but would only be worth using in the most potent augmentations.

    Bannerman Smithson