Communication: Brethren [PC/DM]

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Brethren of the Reborn Sun,


    I visited your Castle recently and I must say that you have some very interesting crenelations there which are quite high and Magnificent and they give the caustle the Austerity which I am sure you were planning for so, it is pleasant to look at and especially the fountain.

    Also I heard that, you put the ashes of the paladin, Oleander, into the urn which is the center of the fountain and I think that is a Nice Gesture.

    I am writing you today because, although this should not be spread too far around the General Public there are Vampires beneath the city and, I have spoken to one of your number before about combatting them along with the Blood Stone Trade in Arabel which may be some how connected to them or, which they might know some thing about being very Old and Connected in the Under Dark (it is not as though these things are going over land or falling from the sky).

    So I would like to ask for an official Representative or Vampire Hunter from your Order to assist the fine City Militia in combatting this grave and serious threat to the region and to help the Poor of the Old Town to some how break from this terrible thing that has happened to them.

    Thank you and I am Looking Forward to your Return Letter.

    Sergeant He Jiang-Xian, Arabel City Militia