Communication: Magus Roark

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Magus Roark,


    How are you doing? It has been a nice string of days hasn’t it. I think they are very lovely even though it has been Raining Like A Shitting Lot as certain people put it.

    I am writing you today because there is now an ongoing investigation into the Lich who is your style grand master.

    First, because it is important to an Ongoing Case I need to know, in seriousness, what his intentions are, interacting with the adventuring populace because although You are of course protected by your Diplomatic Immunity (to a certain extent by law) making Pacts with these Entities is a Capital Crime in Cormyr, and now it seems as though, there is some trouble with this regarding our Citizens and, although it is Not Really Our Business what you are Doing in your Embassy we are very Interested in what is happening in Cormyr near the Fine City of Arabel.

    Therefore please explain in detail, your relationship to this Lich and also, what it wants with the Adventuring Populace and, please do this quickly because, we are beginning to arrest people about this and so you should kindly inform us so that we do not end up Arresting Random Adventurers for No Real Reason.

    Also I will be by to pick up the rest of the owl potions, thank you.

    Sergeant He Jiang-Xian, Arabel City Militia

  • Well, to put it simply. When I started researching on Mahaganai's history I had found out three Netherese Archmages were responsible for his being sealed away. Aroum struck my interest because he was known for having invented a different method of weaving spells, I gathered up adventurers (namely the malarites and a few generic adventurers who's names I forgot) and we delved into the ruins to find Aroum's lair which I had painstakingly located with divination.
    We fought our way into his tomb expecting to find treasures but were surprised to find Aroum was still alive, or rather not dead. He was excited that he had visitors as he had been alone all that time and explained to us that he was waiting patiently for someone whom could defeat him at his best to come or for someone to succeed the magic he had created called Rupturing fist.

    Sariesh the werewolf scoffed at him and fought and subsequently got dispatched without Aroum even having to cast magic and so we decided to opt out of trying to fight him at his best. He had us fight some of his guards for entertainment as a condition for letting us leave after tresspassing and after seeing that I had a knack for evocation and transmutation he imparted some of the basic knowledge on Rupturing fist to me as well as his gauntlets. We left and I haven't heard of him since until very recently.

    I'm told he was seen near a graveyard trying to reclaim stolen artifacts from Clar Banda's worshippers and some adventurers decided to try and fight him. I know a little bit of his past but as for his current motives your guess is as good as mine, I suppose other than reclaiming whatever it is people stole from him he'd probably want to beat up whoever attacked him while he was doing so?
    Aside from that Aroum was never known to give out pacts and I doubt he even could as he's not exactly a planar creature or anything of the sort.

    Oh and your wisdom potion order is ready next time we meet.

    -Magus Roark