Letter to the Dwarven Embassy and Militia tower.

  • In my ongoing research I find myself in the need to weave an augmented divination spell designed in such a way as to give the user great temporary enlightenment, insight and understanding so that I might witness a process that had eluded my understanding and make sense of it. I've decided it would be an aweful waste of a great spell to simply use it to answer one single question and so I extend my invitation to the dwarven embassy and militia tower to join me in the weaving of this spell so that the aid and support of private Jiang and Prince Thifur I've received in the past might be answered in kind.

    During this state of increased insight and understanding I will be able to observe, understand and provide an answer to at-least three questions, the detail and helpfulness of the answer will be based on how much information I am provided as the question is asked. Note that the spell does not grant omniscience, but rather the ability to know the solution to a problem presented. How to use a complicated device, what an object is made of or how it was made, the missing step required to safely craft an object or weave a spell necessary for something. Be sure to have your question ready beforehand.

    In order to weave this spell we will need to venture into the center of the helmlands and prepare a magic circle, this spell will power itself with the elemental energies in the area and as such likely attract elementals in the process, during this time the elementals need to be dealt with.

    Should the spell succeed I will expend the first question and offer the other two to those whom would help make this spell succeed.

    -Magus Roark

  • Reckon I'll let Xian handle this one. She's could probably think up a hells of a doozy of a question. Appreciate the invitation, Magus.

    • Private Bertson