Letter - Jaron Patteel

  • Jaron,

    I cannot craft a breast plate but could make you a half plate or banded mail from Ironwood. Getting Ironwood though is a bit tricky. I strongly recommend looking into Oaken goods as well as Oak works great against Undead. Below the things I can craft for your consideration.

    Frum, honorary dwarf

    Oak Dueling Spear, Oak Longbow, Oak Shortbow, Small Oak Shield, Oak Shield, Oak Club, Oak Bullet, Oaken Bolt, Oak Arrow, Oak Dueling Short Spear, Oaken Great Maul, Tinder: Oak Wood, Wooden Stake, Giant Oak Tower Shield, Shield Handle, Oak handle

    Ironwood Sickle, Ironwood Tower Shield, Ironwood Small Shield, Ironwood Large Shield, Ironwood Half Plate, Ironwood Banded Mail, Ironwood Plank

  • I hopefully found someone who can make the armour, the armours you can make are to heavy for me to wear anyway.

    However Oak arrows would prove usefull to me, what is your charge?

    • Jaron