Attn: Private He Jiang-Xian, Militia Private

  • [much like Ryvikk’s other correspondence this letter is neat but with a slight flourish]

    To the Militia I submit the following:

    Within the best of my ability and recollection, and in utter honesty, I provide this retelling of the events that took place upon the day Hardcastle retainers led an expedition into the Hullack’s glade searching for Mythalite.
    On the day of the expedition, a few hours prior to the actual movement of the prospector’s caravan, me and the Wildwalker Yalan spoke near the edge of the Eastern Wildlands about what this event would do to the Hullack. As I have mentioned several times to anyone who asks I believe the metal poison and as such could not sit idle while the prospectors broke the cavern’s seal. We thought of ways to non-violently stop this march. Before the caravan departed we headed to the Hullack itself, we did not know then what our actions would be but thought it wise to confront the retainers there. When we got there we encountered several creatures, these creatures were the result of the forest awakening to defend itself and thus decided not to interfere with them – we moved to the bridge crossing and waited there. Not long after we saw them arrive in strength, the Hardcastle retainers, and they were immediately attacked by the first of many waves of beasts protecting the Hullack.

    The first battle between the beasts and the retainers was short. Afterwards we informed the Hardcastle men and women of what was at stake, how disturbing the glade and possible Mythalite there would have serious effects on not just the Hullack but the lands throughout. We felt that our words fell on deaf ears and thus decided to follow them instead – to bear witness and to hopefully change their minds. They warned us not to interfere with their purpose and the now three of us (Yala, Valor and Ryvikk) followed them, repeatedly asking that they abandon this task. As we approached the glade’s entrance we were told that if we intervened in any way we would be stopped by force if need be. The maze leading to the glade was the sight of the first encounter with the druids – much like the warnings we gave, the druid asked them to turn away, however he spoke in open threat. Not long after this back and forth spells flew and weapons were swung – the druid cast several spells and took flight into the maze itself. During the flight of the druid Valor decided to take action and intervened physically – he was overcome by those who had fallen behind in pursuit of the druid. The victors disarmed him and offered him mercy on the condition that he walk out of the Hullack, furthermore adding that to interfere would result in his death. As he departed the maze he said that he could do no more. We wished him well and continued to follow and try to convince the retainers to take note of the violent reaction of the forest as testimony to the wrongness of what was happening.

    It was a few moments after Valor’s attack, and the second drawn out battle with the druid in defense, that I made known my intent – that I could no longer sit idle as I felt that I had expended all possible non-violent actions. I spoke my intent and commenced to loosen arrows into the Golems that were in support of the retainers. One was fallen, another damaged before the retainers came at me in full. I fell back and began to shoot to try and to distract and draw them out and away from the area. I was quickly overcome. Upon returning to my senses I saw myself surrounded and told to surrender my weapon and walk out of the maze – on pain of death. I weighed the option and decided that to die like this was pointless. I surrendered my weapon and fell back - only to once more leap into shadow and follow. I followed them for a long time, all the way to the glade itself and witnessed their destruction and gleeful cries of joy at ending what once was a thing of beauty. I could no longer see past the rage screaming in my mind and before I jumped into the fay throwing my life away in an unwinnable situation I walked out.

    I walked myself out of the Hullack deep in thought, the anger fading and found a place to sit and wait. Not long after I saw a procession arrive, the retainers held Silentpaw bound dragging him to so-called justice. He was naked except for a loincloth, he had no possessions on him at the time. I was given the my bow back and was asked an oath to never oppose them, to never set foot within the city or face Justice. I responded that I would not be beholden to such as them and would thus willingly walk back to the city to face justice on my terms. The rest you know.

    [signed with a flourish]

    Ryvikk the Wanderer