[Report for Swordcaptain Chambers @ PD Barracks]

  • Ches 29, 1395

    I went into the Stormhorns this day with Legionnaire Ryvikk and Undead Hunter Jaron to learn the lay of the land. I had previously mapped two points in the early stretches of the land, Farsight View and the crystal nearby. We walked the portion of the lands up to Warrior's Rest, which I mapped. We ran into several undead Purple Dragons, as well as a Mountain Giant herding Vile Bats. I don't honestly know what they use the Vile Bats for, but perhaps the Battlemage would be interested in studying them.

    We then proceeded higher up to the Eye of the Primordial. We found several beasts in the area: white tigers, polar bears, winter wolves. We also ran into a small tribe of goblins on the summit.

    The largest resource by far in the area is Yew. There are yew groves even at the peak of the Stormhorns, as well as more easily accessible ones. This wood is good for wards against outsiders, which makes it a bit perplexing as to why the cave of the celestial (as Ryvikk told me) is in the area.

    I have not yet found a truly suitable road for caravans. Marliir's March is traversable, due to the wide ramps, but will not be easy for wagons as the slopes are steep. I will keep looking with each trip I go out to map, but that is likely to be one or two more trips.

    Valor Pyrre of Gladehap

  • Well done. You'll make Scout yet. Continue your work.


  • Ches 30, 1395

    I went into the Stormhorns with Private He, Private Mirabelle, and Legionnaire Ryvikk once more. A dwarven tracker met us up there. We took care of another giant-undead-vile bat squad, as well as a few bugbears and beasts that we came across. I was able to finish the map, and will hand it to you the next time I see you.

    There was a dead ancient dire bear (not polar bear) at the summit. It had died to internal bleeding. We found the aggressor as we climbed back down, a very large bear that attacked our group, which we slayed. Its body fell into one of the crevices.

    I do not think I can easily generate a map of the Eye due to all of the elevation changes and cliffs, but if you wish one, I can try.

    Valor Pyrre of Gladehap