[Note to Silentpaw @ the hill in the Maze]

  • SP,

    The hin wishes to try a "good guard, bad guard" routine to convince the wildwalkers to spill the location of the relics. Failing that, she is willing to "drop a ton of dwarven steel on them". I have tried telling her that she does not follow the Balance in the least, but she does not heed my words. She is too far gone in savage bloodthirst, and cites her goddess's lingering powers as proof that she does work in its name.

    Are there any glades we can leave her without the protections of man to learn more about the Balance? The only other option we have is sitting her down with someone with better knowledge of the Balance and getting her to listen somehow, since the gods are silent and heretics walk with spells, and the only one I know who is willing to do such is you…and I doubt she'll listen to you.


  • _> It is best I speak with you about your concerns