Letter: Johannes Marigold ((DM))

  • Morninglord Marigold,

    Salutations. I'm writing to inquire about your status as a priest of Lathander within the region of Arabel. Specifically, it's come to my attention that the Grandmaster of the Brethren of the Sun is officially recognized by the Church of the Morninglord as High Priest of Lathander within the region, whereas I thought this right and privilege was your's alone.

    I ask because there may be some legal confusion over this and would like to have a statement to respond to any inquiries over the subject, should it come up.

    Battlemage Delaqua

  • Admin [DM]

    I was never a high priest. This being said, The Grandmaster is a wise and charismatic man, and fulfills the duties of High Priest admirably.

    Johannes Marigold