Letter: Baludar Snowsilver [DM]

  • A letter arrives at the table of Hrain Dolsberg in Shylocks, bearing the seal of Clan Thunderhammer


    We have never spoken, but I know who you are, and I am certain you know who I am. Your contributions to the remnants of our people have been noted. Though you are an exile, we live in a changing world. It was not but a year ago that to even claim that the possibility of Thunderholme being taken in conquest was something able to punished with exile, or to whisper the word 'Thrivaldi' would result in the same.

    You have ears in darker places, that the rest of our kin cannot reach. I desire that I may talk to you, and that we may come to an arrangement regarding this. There are those out there spreading rumors about our people, falsehoods that we rob, or beat humans for their coin. I would like to look into the veracity of these rumors, that they maybe quelled once and for all.

    I would ask that I, or one of my Samman be able to speak with you further on this. We will bring the good ale.

    For our kin,

    -Thifur Thunderhammer