Letter penned to the temple of Ilmater

  • The penmanship is horrible and it looks as if it's been written by a child. It was obviously written with a pen that is barely functional. Even the paper seems dirty. It's full of spelling errors and seems to be written with a slummer's accent and dialect in mind

    Hello you feckers.

    I'm not tha best with words or good at writin much but i know you lot are good folk. Rest of em only care about how much shit they can pile under their own arseholes so it be soft to sit on but you lot be thinkin o the good of the common folk and street rats like i used to be mysel.

    Im not gonna be polititing for ya or polishing yor behins to kiss it like some crazy priest or nuthin, but havin been here for a few days an havin had some really good luck an makin powerful friends, i got some ideas in mind tha the temple can help me set in motion.

    I wanna be makin a shelter for the poor an those who don' wanna be used as pawns in them strikes or put to work in factories. That don't sound much excitin, but it ain' gonna be no ordinary shelter. It gonna be a shelter guarded by angels and safe for all who obey tha rule of no violence, old towners, people form tha citadel, even criminal scum who just wanna better themselves.

    I'll be writin to yoo again when i done enough for yuu to take me seriously. I know tha word offa gutterrat like mysel is not worth much so i'mma gather some nice things that i be told help contact them angels and when i proved myself to tha city.

    I'm only writing to let you know what i plan, i don't be expecting anythin from you yet, jsut keep an eye out for me, name's Haley 'Red' Barrows.

    I be writin again when i got some deeds under ma name worth readin about!