Missive: Militia Tower

  • Testiment of Silentpaw the Oathtaker

    I heard from a little bird that there was trouble in the Hullack. Being an Oathtaker and Champion of the Hullack, I had to go and see what the problem was. I walked the forest and headed to the glade. I approached a log, across some water. A Hardcastle guard, paid thug I believe. This guard appeared and said hold. I waited, they said they would send for Thifur. So I thought that was ok for the moment.

    I was waiting, as asked. I didn't see the point in forcing the issue when stopped in my own forest. I did not know that a battle had occurred. So I waited and then was told to by Thifur to throw down my staff which I refused to do and then the other druid showed up. I don't even know the Druids name, he looked like he was there to speak, but was struck down even though he was not attacking. The forest got quite angry. Some treants and other creatures were attacking them during and after the battle. I think I saw some werewolves before I was knocked out. The Treants must have been angry, as they were attacking me and my Companion. I had nowhere to go so I stood my ground.

    There was nothing wrong until I was stopped, then ambushed. It all happen so fast, I don't think I spoke more than two words. I was attacked by at least 4 or 5 of the group .. leading the charge was a Thayan mage I believe, and Thifur. They killed a Druid in front of me … then I had to defend myself. You can understand why my memory is blurred. I woke up in ropes, with burns, cuts and bruises all over me from flame weapons and magic. I didn't know at the time .. they had killed everyone in the glade . I believe I was the only one that lived so I am told but I am not sure.

    I was knocked out. Many things were taken, including my armor, my staff, and some spirit stone. I did hear one of the group stating to return them but I can't be sure. I know I awoke to a Thayan mage in my face and the dwarf Thifur standing close by .. but really any of them could have taken it. The armour is very rare .. I have only seen it once before held by a master crafter.

    I was then taken to the estate in ropes, and wearing a robe. Others went before me for minor issues. I didn't have the strength to do much .. I was still bleeding and burnt. Simply put, Hardcastle put me under the advisement of the Reborn sun lot and had to choose death or redemption. I was charged with blocking Hardcastle's orders, something like that.

  • Does the Militia have any reports on what happened in the Forgotten Glade during the second Prospect?


  • Gonna get with you real soon so we can chat about this.

    • Private Bertson