An Open Plea to the Druids and Wildwalkers

  • These letters are handed to both prospective Guardians of the Hullack, and to the Archdruid and her competitor. Inevitably, most druids and wildwalkers will obtain a copy and be able to pen a reply

    You have tried your way. The methods of yesteryear is not the way forwards. For too long have the druids buried their heads in the ground, ignoring the intricacies of politics, pretending that they had no cares or concerns outside the workings of the natural world, but that is not true. A river that overflows its levees may affect the forest a hundred miles inland. An earthquake may change forever a mountain valley that never felt the tremors.

    The politics of Cormyr affect the Druids, and affect nature, whether you like it or no. Arabel is built upon the exploitation and manipulation of Mythalite. It is the primary export of the city, taken from the earth, and sold to the Red Wizards of Thay, for use in their ruthless ambitions and duels to the death. The second largest export is that of Eldritch Sand, which is unique to this region, and was once available only in the Helmlands. However, with both the Redwood and Hillsmarch fallen out of the natural cycle of life, the Helmlands has spread, and sand can only be found there. This sand is used in large quantities by the factories in Arabel, producing magical glass which can be used to store spells.

    Those who partake in industry derive a large profit from Eldritch Sand and Mythalite. It is no accident that elements in the Citadel desire that the Helmlands continue to spread, so that more Eldritch Sand can be obtained. Until this dependence and addiction on Mythalite and Eldrich Sand is cured, Arabel will never be free of its parasitic relationship with consuming industry.

    It is time for the Oathkeepers to make their mark in Cormyr once again. Druids were involved in the creation of the Forest Kingdom of Cormyr, aiding in the negotiation and acting as intermediaries between Tel'Quessir and the first Kings of House Obarskyr. Yet as the generations passed, they grew distant from the Courts of Rule, and failed to do their duty to represent nature. Now, the Royal Court and the County Courts are filled with merchants, bankers and mining barons. It has lost its respect for the Druids and for Nature, who have increasingly isolated themselves from the wider world around them.

    It is time for you to stop. Cormyr is not your enemy, stop fighting it. Until the Druids learn how Cormyrian politics works, and learn how to find their way through it, they will always be prey to those who are smart enough and ambitious enough. Cormyr is run by its Lords, and it is the Lords who are protected by the laws, and it is the Lords who have a say. Only a Lord may defy a Warden, and only a Lord with influence can defy a Warden and survive.

    So I offer to the Oathtakers and Woodwalkers a choice. Do as you have done before. Do not change, but be stubborn like a dwarf. Throw yourself against the walls of our cities in pride and defiance, and be shattered upon it like every single army that has come before. Or flow like water in a stream, empty yourself of prejudice and walk through our gates and discover the intricacies and even ecologies of the people that live there. Discover that they do not hate nature, but lack an appreciation of it.

    Cormyr has formed an alliance with the Tormite city of Elturel. Together, we have taken Darkhold from the foul grip of Cyric and put the Pereghost to flight. A new trade route is now open for us to exploit, which will lead to the Sword Coast and the great cities of Baldur's Gate and Waterdeep. Yet while we have a road from Elturel to the West, we do not have a road to Elturel. This is crucial if Arabel is to move away from its dependency on Mythalite and Eldritch Sand. Without trade, Arabel has become a factory and mining town. If the Druids open a road from Eveningstar to Elturel, the Crown of Cormyr will grant to the Archdruid a Lordship of Cormyr, and legal guardianship of the Hullack Forest in the King's name, which the Archdruid can then use to protect the Hullack from abuse and exploitation.

    Not only will the Archdruid, as a Lord of Cormyr, be able to defy the Warden of the North, the Archdruid may also exercise powers as Peace Officials in the Hullack Forest, and maintain the land for future generations to come. The Archdruid would be expected to defend the land from foreign invasion, advise the King on how Nature can benefit the Kingdom, and block attempts to deprive Cormyr's future generations of vital resources.

    Boldshield of Eveningstar
    Swordcaptain of HIs Majesty's Purple Dragons

  • It is time for the Oathkeepers to make their mark in Cormyr once again. Druids were involved in the creation of the Forest Kingdom of Cormyr, aiding in the negotiation and acting as intermediaries between Tel'Quessir and the first Kings of House Obarskyr

    _> Chambers,

    We need more information on this Archdruid, who acted in this way against all traditions … so we can understand how such would come about.

    None that I know of would know of this Lore you speak of ... maybe it is lost to us.

    Maybe the Spirit of this Archdruid could advise us or tell the tale?

    As we discussed last eve, many believe this is the Forest Kingdom for a reason and for it to remain such those in power will need to act plus give ground from their stances.

    I will advise others to read your plea to us.


  • All I see are the usual demands of sociopaths and tyrants who really, really don't know what they think they'd like to know.

    I say this with a heavy heart; if you try to take that which does not belong to you (as defined by those who do hold these things currently) I am going to protect those who protect the lands. Your city 'leaders' are abusing that which doesn't belong to them– look at the lives of the city's workers and how he tramples over them. What possible reason would I have for wanting to support, even tangentially, that kind of disease? If you think for an instant I'd launch so much as an arrow against a civilian, you've lost your mind.

    I follow Eldath, I'm better than you are. Flat out, no questions asked, I don't /need/ bloodshed to enforce my will upon the world around me, but I will, without hesitation or reservation, stand to defend that which is incapable of defending itself. Don't threaten me, girl, I am much too old to tolerate either the carrot or the stick.

    Come back when your tone is correct or you may wake up with a pair of snake mittens to match the ones you're wandering about with right now!