Brethren of the Reborn Sun - Heros

  • A little while ago, during the dark days of Razz of Talos, a pair of knights of the Reborn Sun flatly refused to fight him, as the city refused to give them there unreasonable political demands. As you can understand, I was quiet disgusted with there behavior and reacted strongly, banning there order from my supplies and aid, as the threat was grave and inocent people engendered.

    However I made a mistake, I overacted and treated the actions of a pair of fanatics as the Order in full. And I apologies because of the brave actions of Oleander Matharrik, a man who bravery and sacrifice I will not forget and a man who I believe should be consider for sainthood. I also apologize because of one Tsar Hicks, a man who when his order honored was stained, was willing to jump through hoops to clean it. Because of Tsar Hicks, the halfling people of Corm Orp are now freed from Cyrists tyranny and abuse and are safe and free.

    In the light of these honorable actions I extend my aid to the order in full, then should feel free to contact me for aid in there work.

    Full discount and restricted goods are available in this light, except for the unrepentant Whitedawn siblings who dishonor still lingers, but no longer on there brothers and sisters.

    I don't forget, but I can forgive, and I can say and show I'm sorry when I wrong.

    Priestess Soppi Oakellow of Lady Sheela

  • Admin [DM]

    Our first, and foremost charge, is the defense of Lord Winter's lands. If you can provide reasonable evidence that the Whitedawns knew that Raaz'haadi planned to attack only the Citadel, and yet steadfastly refused to lend aid when warranted, then we shall personally discipline the Baneslayer and the knight-pious.

    Yet, I find no fault in asking for apology, while I understand Cormyr is a secular nation, the Janni committed numerous acts of violence before becoming High Priest, and all of them justified harsher sentences than what he got. To fear to act in the face of evil, or act in not great enough actions, is evil, or in this case, wrong.

    As to their other demands, they are just that, demands, if you refused and offered humbler concessions, they undoubtedly would have agreed. Such is how negotiations work. We may be holy knights, but politicians we must be to provide for our people and our own men.

    Knight-Commander Harold Dobrinsky of Fervor